Our investment approach

Put some of the world's leading investment managers to work for you.

Our approach brings the world's leading managers and strategies together—in a diversified, adaptive and efficient portfolio—aimed at achieving investors' goals.


Leading investment managers

The search for leading managers starts with, well, nearly all of them.

We take a global, "best-of-breed" approach to manager research, with researchers strategically placed around the world, searching for future outperformers. Our process, refined over almost five decades, is rigorous, ongoing, and has ultimately been effective.

'Hire' rated manager performance


Our 'hire' rated managers outperform their benchmark by an average of 1.47%.


These results are measured over rolling 5-year periods from January 1, 1995 to the end of December 2022.


On average, 77% of our 'hire' rated equity, fixed income and currency manager products outperformed their benchmark.

As of 31 March 2024 unless otherwise stated.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Hire ranked managers' performance does not necessarily reflect the actual performance of any Russell Investments' product. Includes both traditional and alternative asset classes. Research numbers do not include closed-end private markets funds or products. For illustrative purposes only.

* Since 1995, an average of 77% of our ‘hire’ ranked products have outperformed their benchmark over rolling 5-year periods. Source: internal Russell Investments analytics dated from January 1, 1995 through to December 31, 2022.


Aligned to investor goals

Our globally consistent approach ensures we remain focused on helping investors achieve their goals.

Every investor is unique. Whether it's a tailored solution to ensure your plan is fully funded, or the steady income to fund a great life after work, our approach ensures we remain focused on helping investors achieve their goals.

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Starts with the investor

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What balance of assets offers the highest likelihood of reaching the goals?

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What is the best way to access those assets?

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What is the most efficient way to implement?

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How should we optimise over time?


Intelligently diversified

The future is uncertain, we focus on making the most of it.

Our approach to asset allocation and diversification is based on one simple insight. No one asset class or style always outperforms. No single manager is great at everything. History repeats this story time and time again.

This insight informs our diversified approach. Our expertise extends well beyond traditional stocks and bonds, with extensive expertise in non-traditional asset classes including infrastructure and private equity—140 asset categories in total.

We draw on this expertise to design an asset allocation, stress-testing across 5,000+ possible scenarios to help ensure it offers the highest likelihood of reaching your goals.

Bringing together specialist expertise globally in:


Major asset classes






Potential asset classes


Investment styles


Manager products

Statistics as of 31 December 2023. For illustrative purposes only.


Real-time adaptability

When uncertainty strikes, we're ready.

A portfolio that can't respond rapidly to new information is exposed to additional risk.

We have the ability to respond quickly and insightfully. With professionals in every major timezone, we monitor investment markets day and night. When it's time to act, our internal trading desk can implement trades around the clock—potentially protecting portfolios before local operations start their day.

Responding to major events

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Monitoring investment markets day and night.

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A robust process to help ensure decisions are sound.

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The ability to efficiently implement trades around the clock, through our internal trading desk.


Responsible investing

Responsible investing is intelligent investing.

Whether you’re driven by personal or stakeholder values, risk mitigation or regulatory compliance—responsible investing matters. Embedded throughout our investment approach, a sound awareness of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors helps us deliver on your long-term objectives.

A honey bee hovering over a honeycomb.

Significant global ESG capability and commitment*


$37 billion (USD) of global assets in an ESG approach


Committed to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050

As of 31 December 2023 unless otherwise noted. * View the Russell Investments' Full PRI Assessment Report, Transparency Report, and PRI Assessment Methodology.

Russell Investments Manager Research: Hire rated performance disclosures

This section contains data as provided by internal Russell Investments applications. These applications are populated with data collected from individual managers by third party data collectors. The data is not thoroughly verified by Russell Investments and although deemed reliable, its accuracy is not guaranteed by Russell Investments or its affiliates. Most data is gross of advisory fees, but net of fee data is utilized where gross of fee data is not available. Note: in some cases money managers do not provide data on their products, therefore a reader should be aware that the representations may be misleading; performance of hire lists may be higher or lower than represented. Hire ranked does not imply that such products have been placed in any of our funds or products.

Quarterly performance data for hire ranked products is sourced for all approved coverage areas researched by Russell Investments. Each product in our hire lists is compared to the relevant Russell Investments’ assigned benchmark Index to generate a quarterly geometric excess return. ​ Products outperforming their benchmark: Product level quarterly excess returns are compounded to calculate rolling 5 year excess returns for all products that have 5 year hit rates, positive or negative. We determine the percentage of hire rank products that have a positive excess return over each 5 year period. The percentage in all rolling periods is averaged to generate an average hit rate across all periods. ​ 5-year average excess return: Product level quarterly excess returns are compounded to calculate rolling 5 year excess returns for all products that have excess returns in any of the quarters for each five year measurement period, positive or negative. For each 5 year rolling period, average excess return is calculated. The results for all 5 year rolling periods are averaged to generate an average excess return for all periods. ​ Calendar year average excess return: Product level quarterly excess returns are compounded to calculate 1-year excess returns for all products that have returns in any quarter during each 1 year period, positive or negative. ​ Methodology for survivorship bias adjustment: Excess returns are controlled for survivorship bias by compounding excess returns over 5 year periods for hire ranked products that have excess returns in any of the quarters measured in each five year measurement period. For example, the five year average annualized excess return of managers that had results for the full 5 year periods is 1.69%. The compounded quarterly average of all hire ranked managers that had returns in any quarterly period (but not necessarily full five year periods) was 1.47%. This enables an estimated survivorship bias of 0.22% per year. ​

No client of Russell Investments has been able to achieve the represented performance due to the fact that the hire lists and universes are comprehensive composites that cannot be invested in directly. The hire lists and universes in Russell Investments’ research database that are used in this material (presentation) cannot be purchased or held by any client. These manager products are available for our consulting clients and internal portfolio managers to use in the construction of portfolios for our fund and separate account clients. Past performance is not indicative of future results. ​

​ Data is based on performance of hire ranks from January 1, 1995 through to December 31, 2022. Manager products are included and excluded as our product ranks change over time; not all products are continually hire ranked over these indicated time periods. The information presented is for illustrative purposes only.​