Value of staying invested

Although the markets might return a loss in difficult years, this tool shows the returns a client could have experienced had they stayed invested. Using weighted averages, it also demonstrates the difference in volatility and returns between lower risk and higher risk strategies.

Benchmark returns of the Russell Investments fund portfolios



    [first_year_invested] (2006 - 2019)



    • [greater_20]
    • [from_15_to_20]
    • [from_10_to_15]
    • [from_5_to_10]
    • [from_0_to_5]
    • [minus_5_to_0]
    • [minus_10_to_minus_5]
    • [minus_15_to_minus_10]
    • [minus_20_to_minus_15]
    • [less_minus_20]
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