The top five most-read posts of 2017

2017 was a busy year for the Adviser Connect blog. We saw a massive uptick in readership, which we take as proof in readers’ interest in topics ranging from multi-asset investing to the low-return imperative to manager research. As 2018 kicks off, we take a look back at the blog posts that received the highest levels of engagement from our readers—the top five most-read posts of the year.

1. Equities? No thanks. Bonds? Nope, neither

In our top post of the year, we discussed how, with the second-longest bull run in history about to enter its tenth year, nearly a third of advisers said they will reduce their clients’ exposure to equities by the end of the year.

2. Your age in bonds... Really??

For many years now the investment principle of holding your age in bonds has been considered good advice by many investors approaching or in retirement. And intuitively it makes sense, right? Well, sorry to disappoint but, with Pensions Freedoms and people living longer, you may be investing for as long in decumulation as you have been in accumulation and to secure an income that keeps pace with inflation you are going to need growth which means taking risk…

3. Multi-asset in today’s low-return environment

Global CIO Jeff Hussey discusses how unrealistic expectations for investment returns are today, in the current low-return environment. Can a multi-asset investing approach help make up the difference?

4. The Art of Leadership

General Sir Mike Jackson, former head of the British Army, took us on an inspirational journey through successfully transitioning for the better at a recent Adviser Sphere event. The themes of change and leadership are closely intertwined, Sir Mike told advisers at Russell Investments’ Sphere Adviser event. “It is difficult to achieve change without leadership,” he said.

5. 2018 Global Market Outlook: Running with the bulls

Andrew Pease discussed whether the global growth momentum of 2017 carry over into next year? Is there a risk of a pullback in the short term? See what our strategists’ views on global investment markets and economies are for the year ahead.