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Tools to engage your clients

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Value of staying invested

Although the markets might return a loss in difficult years, this tool shows the returns a client could have experienced had they stayed invested.

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Value of global diversification

See how different asset classes have performed erratically year to year, demonstrating the benefits of a well-diversified, multi asset approach.

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Volatility and investing

Whilst there can be panic amongst volatility, this dynamic chart illustrates why staying calm (and staying invested) is crucial.


Have you or your investors been riding the wave of emotions in the market? Gain perspective with our interactive Cycle of Investor Emotions charts.

Tools to understand client objectives

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Cashflow forecasting

Help your clients plan for retirement with cashflow forecasting. This tool takes into account the client’s assets, future contributions and income needs to create a projection of future wealth over the lifespan of the client.

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Avoid ‘Buy high, sell low’

Shows how investors often buy when the market is at its peak and sell when the market dips.

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