Multi-asset growth funds

We believe robust multi-asset portfolios should invest across many dimensions, including return source, risk exposure, investment style and investment horizon. These investments should be dynamic and flexible, responding to both ever-changing market conditions and your clients’ evolving needs.

Multi-Asset Growth Strategies

Investing for growth – whatever the risk preference

  • Aims to deliver capital growth
  • Invests in a combination of equities, bonds, real assets, absolute return and cash
  • Actively managed within strict risk parameters – from cautious to adventurous

Multi-Asset Growth Strategies: The range

The range of Russell Investments Multi-Asset Growth Strategies has been designed to accommodate every clients’ risk appetite and return expectations. Whether your client is cautious, balanced or adventurous – or something in between – we’ve got you covered.

Multi-asset growth range


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Multi-Asset Growth Range
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Multi-Asset Portfolio
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