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Fiduciary management tailored just for you

Your goals, journey plan and Trustee board culture are individual, reflecting your Scheme’s own ‘fingerprint’. 

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Russell Investments iFM - TAILORED TO YOUR GOALS

Understanding your unique goals

It is more complex than ever to fulfil your obligations as trustees - to manage liability valuation risk, synchronise cashflows, and achieve the required return. That's why we listen first - to truly understand your Scheme's unique 'fingerprint' and design a strategy fully tailored to you.


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Navigating a smoother and safer journey

As recent Covid-19 volatility has illustrated, markets can evolve rapidly. It is imperative to have the ability to respond in real-time. We will proactively manage your portfolio and protect you against downside risks. There should be no compromise to achieving your funding goals.


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Russell Investments iFM - TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS

Keeping you informed, always

You should expect nothing short of full transparency. We appreciate this and start every day by analysing your portfolio, down to every security. You will also have full visibility through an online client portal. This action-oriented culture results in proactive, fully customised communication.


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