Russell Investments

Inflation – How it erodes the value of your money

August 2021
This paper discusses what inflation is and how it impacts investments.

Cross-currency basis: Implications and opportunities

June 2021
In this “Strategy Spotlight,” we look at the factors underpinning the cross-currency basis and the steps investors can take to maneuver potentially costly turbulence.

Case study: Managing transition costs when consolidating pension funds

November 2020
Russell Investments successfully completed a multi-asset transition on behalf of Pensioenfonds Meubel (“Meubel”) and Stichting Bedrijfstak Pensioenfonds voor de Houthandel, with combined assets of over €4 billion.

How climate change can impact investments

August 2020
We take a detailed look at the multiple future scenarios on how climate change may play out and the potential consequences in store for investments.

Accessing energy transition opportunities in private markets

August 2020
We explore how private markets can provide a robust channel for targeting positive impact on environmental and social causes, including climate change.

Proxy Hedging: Beyond correlations

July 2020
In this paper, we explore the use of proxies and the key watchpoints.

Multi-Asset Growth Strategy: Responsible Investing Report

July 2020
An in depth look at why we think responsible investing is important for meeting our fiduciary duties and improving investment outcomes.

Behavioural Bias

June 2020
Today we take a look at behavioural bias, how to avoid it and the detrimental impact it can have on investor portfolios. What drives investors?

ESG and decarbonisation case study

May 2020
An aim to generate alpha whilst adhering to company policies on responsible investing.

Downside risks document

January 2020
Many institutions remain significantly exposed to downside risk. Managing this risk can be complex and costly. What, if anything, can investors do to protect the value of their portfolios?