Russell Investments

2021 Global Market Outlook: The old normal

December 2020
We anticipate that COVID-19 vaccines and the easing of lockdowns will allow for a return to more normal economic activity by mid-2021.

Case study: Managing transition costs when consolidating pension funds

November 2020
Russell Investments successfully completed a multi-asset transition on behalf of Pensioenfonds Meubel (“Meubel”) and Stichting Bedrijfstak Pensioenfonds voor de Houthandel, with combined assets of over €4 billion.

Accessing energy transition opportunities in private markets

August 2020
We explore how private markets can provide a robust channel for targeting positive impact on environmental and social causes, including climate change.

Q2 2020 update: Tech in the driver's seat

July 2020
How did equity managers across the globe fare during the second quarter? Find out more from our manager research team.

Proxy Hedging: Beyond correlations

July 2020
In this paper, we explore the use of proxies and the key watchpoints.

Multi-Asset Growth Strategy: Responsible Investing Report

July 2020
An in depth look at why we think responsible investing is important for meeting our fiduciary duties and improving investment outcomes.

Behavioural Bias

June 2020
Today we take a look at behavioural bias, how to avoid it and the detrimental impact it can have on investor portfolios. What drives investors?

2020 Value of an Adviser Study

June 2020
In our 2020 edition, our study shows that the value an adviser delivers to clients, including when it comes to behavioural coaching, exceeds the fee they typically charge. But by how much?

The growing popularity of impact investing

May 2020
We outline what impact investing is and how we are seeing increased momentum around its incorporation into private market investment plans.

ESG and decarbonisation case study

May 2020
An aim to generate alpha whilst adhering to company policies on responsible investing.

Active and Passive Investing: Why we believe smart money takes a total-portfolio approach.

May 2020
At Russell Investments, we believe in active and passive investing. And we believe the best plan is not to follow trends, but to focus on proven, research-based strategies that give investors the highest likelihood of reaching their outcomes.

Q1 2020 Equity Manager Report: Special COVID-19 edition

May 2020
See how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting manager viewpoints across key geographic and equity regions.

Global investing and currency hedging: Performance and impact

April 2020
We outline some of the key considerations for UK investors exposed to global equities and explain how currency hedging can impact or benefit a global, multi-asset portfolio.

Downside risks document

January 2020
Many institutions remain significantly exposed to downside risk. Managing this risk can be complex and costly. What, if anything, can investors do to protect the value of their portfolios?

The importance of PRI

October 2019
The United Nations-supported PRI has made strides in changing the global attitude to responsible investing. In this article, we discuss the importance of the PRI.

Moving assets: It pays to hire professionals

January 2019
Whether you’re changing investment managers or moving to a new house, it pays to hire professionals to help manage the transition. Here we look at how transition managers can liquidate assets thoughtfully with an eye toward minimising the performance impact of the transition and saving valuable investment income.

Behavioural bias

August 2018
In this paper we look at how to avoid common behavioural biases and their detrimental impact on investor portfolios.