Q4 2022 Fixed Income Survey

Relatively confident on fundamentals, despite the challenging environment

59 leading bond and currency managers considered valuations, expectations, and outlooks for the coming months.

Past Fixed Income Surveys

Q2 2022 update

Major central banks turn hawkish

Quarterly survey finds managers see U.S. core inflation stuck in 3%-4.5% in 12 months.

Q1 2022 update

Inflation's grip tighter than expected

Fixed income managers expect above-target inflation through 2022.

Q4 2021 update

The persistence of transient inflation

Fixed income managers expect inflation to hasten interest-rate hikes

Q2 2021 update

The end of the pandemic within sight

Q2 survey reveals twice as many from Q1 expect first interest rate hike in 2023.

What is the Fixed Income Survey?

Throughout the year we ask leading bond and currency managers to consider valuations, expectations and outlooks for the coming months. It is our distinct relationship with underlying managers that earns us this unique access to insights.

Adam Smears

Adam Smears, CFA

Senior Director
Fixed Income Research

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