Russell Investments Classic Plus Model Portfolios Range


Customised for growth in a single investment decision.


Investor benefits

Risk profiled

Allocated across our funds according to a particular risk profile.

Research driven

Forecasted risk and returns over 10 years, based on research driven capital market assumptions.

Track record

Proven to deliver within the expected risk return parameters in 95% of time periods.


Service brochure

A guide to Russell Investments' Classic Plus Model Portfolio Service.

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Performance allocations

Performance data of all ten Russell Investments' Classic Plus Model Portfolios for different periods.

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Value of staying invested tool

Although the markets might return a loss in difficult years, this tool shows the returns a client could have experienced had they stayed invested.

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Risk rated model portfolio tool

Show your clients the inter-link between risk and return. This tool uses modelling techniques to predict the best and worst return you could expect from each of the portfolios in the Russell Investments Model Portfolio range.

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Manager breakdown tool

See the underlying holdings in your portfolio at a manager level, demonstrating the diversification built-in to our multi-asset, multi-manager funds.

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Defaqto rated

Russell Investments has widened the Defaqto assessments on a number of funds.

The Multi Asset Growth range funds have been fully Risk Rated by Defaqto. The Multi Asset Growth Fund I has received a Risk Rating of 3, Multi Asset Growth Fund II a Risk Rating of 4, Multi Asset Growth Fund III a Risk Rating of 5, Multi Asset Growth Fund IV a Risk Rating of 6, and, Multi Asset Growth Fund V a Risk Rating of 8.

In addition this Range of funds has achieved a 4 Diamond Rating in the Defaqto 2020 Risk Targeted Fund Family Rating classification.

The funds that make up the model portfolios have also been Risk Rated by Defaqto. The Defensive Assets Fund at Risk 2, the Real Assets Fund at Risk 6, the International Growth Assets Fund at Risk 8, and, the Sterling Growth Assets Fund at Risk 9.

Defaqto is an independent financial information business, helping financial institutions, advisers and consumers make better informed financial decisions.

Defaqto rating

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