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Russell Investments Unconstrained Bond Fund

The Russell Investments Unconstrained Bond Fund provides investors access to a number of strategies, which are blended in a bid to reduce risk without diluting alpha to provide a smooth risk profile.

Investor benefits

Access to experts

  • Best-in-class approach to identify the leading specialist third-party managers in each style segment.
  • Intensive research process to identify best specialists and gain valuable insights into the success of different strategies.
  • Our extensive experience and relationships allow us to select niche specialist capabilities and customise strategies to complement our portfolios.


  • Combines targeted exposure to attractive parts of the credit market with alternative and opportunistic investments to ride the credit cycle and optimise risk/return outcomes.
  • Unconstrained investing allows us to pursue returns without benchmark constraints


  • Real-time management and powerful analytics help manage risk exposures, making for greater agility in a constantly changing environment
  • Create flexibility to respond to what’s going on in the marketplace.





Fund factsheet

Latest performance and holdings information.

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Fund brochure

Russell Investments Unconstrained Bond Fund Seeking positive returns in a low interest rate environment.

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Review and outlook

What challenges did the Fund face over 2018? What are the advantages of an unconstrained fixed income strategy in 2019?

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Fixed income survey

Throughout the year we ask leading bond and currency managers to consider valuations, expectations and outlooks for the coming months.

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What should Fixed Income Investors expect in 2019?

Adam Smears, Global Head of Fixed Income Research at Russell Investments, offers his views on what Fixed Income Investors should expect in 2019.

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Any forecast, projection or target is indicative only and not guaranteed in any way.

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