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EMEA Summit 2022

Where others see uncertainty, these experts see potential.

Digital Summit | Thursday 27 January 2022

In-person Summit | Thursday 3 February 2022


Given the ongoing COVID situation in the UK, we have made the decision to postpone the ‘In-person summit’ on 3 February 2022. We are currently looking at new dates and will update you once we have this confirmed.

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Digital Summit | Thursday 27 January 2022

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2021 Summit Summaries

We are pleased to share our 2021 Summit Snapshots with you below, highlighting the key takeaways discussed over the four sessions, along with the panel discussion recordings.

Post-pandemic society changes and the impact on financial security

The global pandemic of 2020 has forced society to change. We take a look at what these changes are and the impact they will have in a post-pandemic environment on retirement and the next generation.

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Michelle Seitz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Russell Investments

Panel discussion:
Host: David Rae, Head of Strategic Client Solutions, Russell Investments


  • Joe Linhares, Head of EMEA, Russell Investments
  • Thimon De Jong, Futurist in Business, Society and Technology


A new dawn for financial markets

We look ahead at how financial markets will evolve after a period of great disarray, shining a light on the new dawn that financial markets are entering.

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Panel discussion:
Host: Van Luu, Head of Currency, Russell Investments


  • Andrew Pease, Global Head of Investment Strategy, Russell Investments
  • Alain Zeitouni, Head of Multi Asset, EMEA, Russell Investments
  • Mark Hedges, Chief Investment Officer, Nationwide Pension Fund
  • Robert Haynes Brown, Global Chief Investment Officer, Univest Company 

Q&A with guest speaker: Roger Bootle
Chairman of Capital Economics

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) – Spotlight on ‘S’

The less spoken about 'S' of ESG includes items such as health and safety, human rights, labour rights and equality, all of which were flung into the spotlight in 2020 as the global pandemic hit and the world was thrown into forced lockdown. How has the asset management industry evolved and what are the challenges in assessing 'S'?

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Panel discussion:
Host: Jihan Diolosa, Head of Responsible Investing EMEA, Russell Investments


  • Joe Hemmant, Global Head of Equity Research, Russell Investments
  • Olivier Rousseau, Executive director, FRR - Fonds de réserve pour les retraites

Q&A with guest speaker: Adele Blakebrough MBE
Chief Executive Officer, Social Business Trust

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Accessing electrification opportunities in private markets

The world’s energy diet is changing with a greater emphasis on the process of electrifying society. This is presenting a wealth of opportunities in the private markets sector - how can investors capitalise on this?

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Panel discussion:
Host: Julian Brown, Head of Consultant and Trustee Relations, Russell Investments


  • Leigh Hazelton, Private Markets Research, Russell Investments
  • Theo Delia-Russell, Managing Director, Mediobanca
  • Ruth Kent, Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Brookfield’s Renewable Group
  • Mark Prybutok, Managing Director, GI Partners

Q&A with guest speaker: Will Whitehorn
President, UKspace and Chair, Good Energy PLC


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