Varying paths for different funded ratios.

Partnering to achieve your funding goals

Legacy defined benefit (DB) pension obligations continue to be a drag on corporate profits

Trustee Journey

Pension trustees are at the helm at a time when:

  • The threat of financial instability has increased
  • Regulatory burden is high and growing
  • Solutions offered by advisers seem to be increasingly complex

Demands placed on trustees have never been higher.

We want to empower trustees, creating a bespoke strategy to reach full funding over a reasonable timeframe

The scheme can benefit from economies of scale, and with substantially improved accountability, a dedicated team of professionals will implement the bespoke strategy. Sponsors can rest assured that the job of removing the deficit is being tackled every single day.

Every pension scheme has a unique position in relation to full funding, some are “early stage” and may need to take more risk, whereas “late stage” investors may be closer to full funding goals and have a lower appetite for risk.

Let us partner with you to determine where your scheme is on that journey, and which tools may be most appropriate to achieve your goals.

Fiduciary management may not be right for all schemes. For those that wish to build their own solution, they can utilise the component parts.

We offer the following investment solutions

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