New non-profit handbook provides step-by-step investment strategy guide

The Non-profit Fiduciaries’ Handbook is designed to provide practical advice, planning tools and best practice information for those designing, constructing and managing a non-profit’s investment program.

SEATTLE, March 31, 2015

To aid non-profit fiduciaries facing the difficult job of ensuring that their organizations have the money, talent, experience and resources to fund their non-profit’s mission, Russell Investments has developed The Non-profit Fiduciaries’ Handbook, an essential guide to the complexities of non-profit investing.

“In an ever-changing market environment, non-profits need to be able to set clear and achievable goals, adapt to rapidly changing circumstances, continually look for the appropriate balance between investment risk and return, and find effective ways to implement and manage chosen strategies,” said Heather Myers, managing director, non-profits at Russell Investments. “We understand the challenges of today’s markets and wanted to provide non-profit fiduciaries with an easy-to-read guide to aid in managing these difficult issues.”

The handbook is composed of three sections – 1) defining your mission-driven goals and objectives; 2) creating and managing an outcome-oriented portfolio; and 3) building a strong risk management and fiduciary framework.

The first section covers the four key levers that non-profits can use to effectively manage their investment program, including spending policy, liquidity, risk tolerance and strategic asset allocation. The middle section dives deeper into the steps involved in the creation and management of an outcome-oriented portfolio through Russell Investments’ design, construct, manage framework, and how understanding investment objectives can mean more than simply beating a benchmark.

“The final section of the handbook lets fiduciaries know that in order to be effective, they don’t necessarily have to do everything themselves. While fiduciaries are always responsible for governance and objective-setting, each organization needs to decide how much of day-to-day operations and investment discretion they are comfortable in delegating,” said Lisa Schneider, Russell Investments’ managing director, non-profits and health care systems. “With today’s volatile markets – and additional resource and time constraints – investment outsourcing options (or outsourced CIO) are more important than ever. Our handbook provides non-profit fiduciaries with planning tools to decide if some level of outsourcing is right for them.”

Non-profit organizations can request copies of The Non-profit Fiduciaries’ Handbook to use as a guide or primer for board or investment committee members. For regular updates and research on issues facing non-profit investors, visit Russell Investments’ non-profit website.

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