Russell Investments expands direct-indexed options in PMA suite

New solutions empower advisors and their clients to add custom overlays and exclusion services

SEATTLE, June 23, 2022 — Russell Investments has expanded its suite of Personalized Managed Accounts (PMA) with the launch of two additional direct-indexed options that deliver customizable exposure to international and core equity. The firm’s PMA suite now features eight separately managed accounts (SMA) that blend actively managed equity SMAs with direct-indexed SMAs. These solutions leverage technology to help investors achieve growth and optimal after-tax outcomes.

“Our expanding suite of PMA solutions draws from the firm’s complete toolkit of active and direct-indexed strategies, along with 40-plus years of active-investing expertise and over 20 years of tax management experience,” said Kevin Knowles, Senior Director, Personalized Solutions at Russell Investments. “The result gives wealth managers the ability to deliver customized portfolios that can be tailored to meet the unique preferences of each client and at an attractive price.”

PMAs offer a wide range of custom overlay and exclusion services including:

  • Maximizing after-tax wealth
  • Developing an optimal tax-efficient transition plan
  • Aligning specific ESG preferences with investments
  • Diversifying concentrated stock positions
  • Limiting purchases in stocks or industries that the client already owns or is biased against

Russell Investments’ PMA solution features a dedicated team of portfolio managers, quantitative research analysts and service teams, centralized trading and implementation; as well as automated year-round tax management capabilities, including tax-loss harvesting, wash sale minimization, tax-smart turnover and holding-period management. Ultimately, these SMAs aim to help clients meet their desired outcomes by minimizing the impact of taxes and transaction costs while maintaining tracking error to a target portfolio.

With the addition of two direct-indexed options, the firm’s PMA suite now features:

The newly added Personalized Direct Indexed Core Equity SMA seeks to provide long-term capital growth through an allocation to stocks in U.S. and international developed markets. It is designed to track the performance of a blended allocation to the Russell 3000® Index and the MSCI World ex USA (Net) Index. The newly added Personalized Direct Indexed International SMA seeks to provide long-term capital growth from stocks in non-U.S. developed markets. It is designed to track the performance of the MSCI World ex-USA (Net) Index

Both strategies are designed to deliver personalized investment outcomes by incorporating client-directed customization, such as tax management, ESG considerations, and custom screens.

“Investors increasingly want more control and customization of their portfolios,” said Knowles. “With over five decades of experience providing institutional investment solutions, we’re happy to deliver these complementary SMA solutions to help our partners and advisors meet their clients’ desired outcomes.”

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