Our top 10 advisor podcasts of 2021

What do you do when you are stretched for time (as we all seem to be) but you still want to learn something new? You listen to a podcast, of course.

At Russell Investments we have created a series of podcasts aimed at helping you gain insight in how to build a better business, or attract female clients, minimize the impact of taxes on a portfolio or articulate the value you bring to your clients.

In case you missed them, we’ve brought together our Top 10 favorite advisor podcasts of 2021. We encourage you to have a listen.

5 disruptors facing advisors in 2021

The five disruptors that faced advisors at the start of 2021 are still factors to consider as we head into 2022, making this podcast as relevant as ever. Sophie Antal-Gilbert, head of portfolio and business consulting at Russell Investments, and Tina Downing, our senior director of business consulting, discuss the issues advisors need to be aware of in order to drive business growth.

What are these issues?

  • The changing role of advisors and their teams
  • The changing needs of investors
  • The changing outlook for capital markets
  • The evolving regulatory landscape
  • The growing use of technology in professional wealth management

Transitioning your business to the next level: Tips for building a practice of the future

In this podcast, Antal-Gilbert and Katherine Fleischmann, business solutions consultant at Russell Investments, discuss how advisors can transition their businesses—whether from brokerage to a fee-based, fiduciary approach, from advisor-built portfolios to model strategies or from overextended to scalable—and why these changes are necessary to build the practice of the future. Hear how we’re supporting advisors as they evolve their business to the next level.

‘Sketch Guy’ Carl Richards: Being a “real” financial advisor

This podcast brings Antal-Gilbert together with Carl Richards, a certified financial planner, best known for his decade-long New York Times Sketch Guy column. If you ever wondered what being a “real” financial advisor encompassed, they may have some ideas for you. Some of their suggestions? Be curious, be prepared to ask thought-provoking icebreaker questions, learn how to involve more than one generation in the wealth management discussions and help your clients understand the value of your advice.


Women and investing: Separating fact from fiction

In this podcast, Nancy Fahmy, senior director of business consulting, joins Antal-Gilbert to discuss women and investing, plus three common myths about female investors. They believe women can often make better investors than men. Want to know why? They have a few reasons.


Value of an advisor, Part 1: Active rebalancing and behavioral coaching

Antal-Gilbert, Downing and Senior Regional Director Tom Flynn team up in this podcast to discuss our annual Value of Advisor study. In this four-part series, they discuss their best tips on how to articulate the value of the services you provide your clients. Part 1 focuses on the importance of active rebalancing to keep a portfolio’s asset allocation in line with an investor’s goals, as well as the most important role an advisor plays—that of a behavior coach.

Value of an advisor, Part 2: Customized client experience & planning and product alignment

In Part 2 of this series, the three industry veterans continue their discussion on ways to elevate advisor value. They talk about how an advisor’s role has changed in recent years and the growing importance of providing your clients with a personalized experience and aligning products to their individual financial goals.


Value of an advisor, Part 3: Tax-smart planning & investing

In Part 3 of our Value of an Advisor podcast series, Antal-Gilbert, Flynn and Downing discuss why advisors should be concerned about tax-smart planning and investing now. Our trio of experts talk about how taxes may be the largest fee many investors don’t know they’re paying when it comes to their investment portfolios.  And they tell you what advisors can do about it.


Value of an advisor, Part 4: Articulating to clients the value of an advisor

The final episode of our Value of an Advisor podcast series has our three speakers provide their best tips on how advisors can effectively communicate their value to clients. As they note in the podcast, the post-pandemic world could be the perfect time for advisors to reassess the full value they deliver and then communicate that value to clients.


Tax outlook: A CPA's review of potential changes for investors

In this podcast, Antal-Gilbert is joined by Frank Pape, senior director of portfolio consulting at Russell Investments (and a certified public accountant) as they talk about tax rates in the news and the latest ways your clients may benefit from tax-managed investing amid tax rate uncertainty.


Personalized Managed Accounts: Offering a customized SMA investing approach tailored to unique client needs

And last, but not least in our Top 10 list, Antal-Gilbert talks with Kevin Knowles, senior director, personalized solutions at Russell Investments, on how advisors can customize investment portfolios for individual client goals, circumstances and preferences in a scalable manner using Personalized Managed Accounts.