Explaining the markets
Value of diversification
Whether you're a new or experienced investor, the temptation to chase short term returns can be hard to resist. This table illustrates how different asset classes have performed relative to a multi-asset portfolio diversified across multiplt assets, strategies & managers (with an average exposure of 70% growth assets). It also helps to demonstrate the cyclical nature of the markets, showing that one year's best performing assets can just as easily end up the next year's worst.
Risk vs Return
Different asset classes – like shares, bonds and property securities – carry different levels of risk and return. Investing in a single asset class is risky when you consider no one asset class consistently outperforms on a regular basis. This chart shows that no one asset class consistently outperforms on a regular basis.
Cycle of market emotions
When things are great, we feel that nothing can stop us. And when things go bad, we look to take drastic action. Because emotions can be such a threat to an investor's financial health, it is important to be aware of them. This chart helps investors understand and be aware of the negative consequences of impulsive and irrational reactions to emotions.

Adviser social media: Put yourself out there!

Total engagement is a goal we all strive for as financial professionals serving clients. While many advisers are capable of and achieve total engagement when in client meetings, we believe the best advisers display total engagement beyond face-to-face meetings by leveraging service models and sharing content and though leadership via social platforms, including LinkedIn.

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Outcomes are the new alpha

Want to know why the tortoise beat the hare? He (or, more likely, she) stayed focused on the finish line. The tortoise was all about the outcome.

In a recent study that we shared, we found investors who built the most wealth did so with a focus on long-term outcomes. Guess what those with the smallest account holdings did? They focused on short-term performance. They acted like hares. The wealthiest acted more like tortoises.

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