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Discover investment possibilities that support your long-term goals and open up a world of potential.

As a board member, senior executive, or investment professional, you may be under more pressure to make the right decisions. Volatile markets, changing regulations, and growing complexity may mean your job is more challenging than ever before.

We provide our industry expertise to enhance your program

Corporate pensions

Sharing your responsibilities and targets as if they were our own.


Benefitting from expertise in managing open architecture solutions is key in a post-pooling world.


Partnering with insurers to help solve their investment challenges and meet liabilities.


Supporting your mission and getting the most out of your assets is our priority.


Q4 2023: Rally time


We are a leading global investment solutions partner for institutional investors, dedicated to improving people's financial security in various ways.

Fiduciary Management

Sound advice, dynamic management and efficient implementation.

Customised Portfolio Solutions

Increased portfolio control, limiting costs and enhancing returns.

Funds and Strategies

An innovative range of products and strategies to help complete your portfolio.

Private Markets Strategies

Investing in private markets can help investors achieve their objectives with unique benefits not always available through traditional asset classes.

Recent insights

Our latest insights and strategies for institutional investors


Pent-up exuberance

Soft-landing optimism can deliver more near-term market gains but the risks of a sharper economic slowdown later in the year are elevated. Although declining inflation means central banks can start easing in the second half of the year, the lagged impact of previous rate rises is yet to be fully felt.


Rapid intensification

In 2024 and beyond, investors will continue to confront rapid change. While change can create challenges, we see opportunities, many of which will be accessible via private equity, venture capital, real assets (e.g., real estate and infrastructure), and private credit strategies.


Investing and leading responsibly

Responsible investing

We believe responsible investing and performance can be complementary. Our responsible investing approach aims to capture the right exposure without jeopardising return.

Manager ESG Survey

The annual survey has evolved over the years, enabling deeper insights into trends and into how attitudes toward responsible investing have changed since it launched in 2015.

Corporate responsibility

We are committed to exceptional standards of corporate responsibility. We believe everything we do must benefit our stakeholders: from clients, employees and shareholders to the environment and our wider communities.

Defined Benefit Study

The changing ecosystems of defined benefit pensions

Our latest research identifying trends and priorities driving the UK Institutional market.


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