We support the importance of the LGPS Code of Transparency and its quest for greater reporting transparency and are proud to be a signatory.


Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) investment solutions

Our experience as a multi-manager specialist, with firsthand expertise around the investment challenges faced by LGPS Pools and Funds, ensures a strong foundation for working in partnership with LGPS.


Flexible support in improving risk-adjusted net-of-fee returns

Structuring multiple managers within a single multi-manager fund can lead to additional cost savings (going beyond manager fee savings) as well as improved governance.

We are able to partner with LGPS Pools and Funds in flexible ways designed specifically for their needs; ranging from delegated solutions through to access of various implementation tools.


Why partner with Russell Investments?

Improved Governance

One strategic partnership

  • Allows you to holistically manage all integrated parts of ACS
  • Enables more nimble implementation of investment decisions
  • Extensive experience overcoming the specific challenges you face
  • Clear, transparent reporting

Returned Enhancements

Every basis point counts

  • Strategies designed to preserve performance
  • Pure agency model with no hidden fees
  • Responsibility for performance when changing managers
  • Reduce trading costs and increase operational ease

Risk Management

Reduction in unintended risk

  • Help reduce unnecessary risks, especially at the sub-fund level
  • Design multi-asset portfolios to meet specific risk and return targets
  • Implementation services built to support a multi-manager sub-fund structure like LGPS


A single implementation partner can help you overcome the practical challenges of implementation.

Solutions and capabilities for local authorities


Maximising the investment performance of assets in transition is at the heart of everything we do.


Funds and

Combining specialist managers with custom asset allocation expertise and world-class implementation.



We reflect what matters most to you and your investment goals through a robust, integrated process.


Ready to take the next step? We're here to help.

Jim Leggate

Jim Leggate


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