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Wednesday 14 November 2018

Location: etc.venues County Hall

09:00  Registration  
09:30  Welcome Joe Linhares
Head of EMEA
Michelle Seitz
Chairman and CEO
  • Global market outlook: The late-late cycle show

    It’s been late cycle for a long time, but the worry factors are rising. Populist politics, trade wars, Brexit uncertainty, Fed tightening, inflation pressures and expensive valuations sit alongside record US market highs. Andrew will share some insights to help guide through late-cycle risks and opportunities.

Andrew Pease
Global Head of Investment Strategy
  • End of the cycle adages and surviving the booms and busts

    End of cycle adages: “Don’t cut too early the best returns come at the end”, “Avoiding the drawdown is the best path to superior returns”.

    David will look at what typically happens at the end of the cycle and which adage stands the test of time, why the call of the sirens is so powerful, and how he is positioning himself given that being right isn’t a guarantee of success, timing is.

David Vickers
Senior Portfolio Manager
10:50  Break  
  • ESG: Why should pension funds care, and what can they do?

    For many asset owners ESG has been a buzz word, but how much is really practical within the context of pensions? Our guest speaker will lead a discussion on ESG and provide a real-world perspective on why ESG matters. He will then be joined by Will and Emily who will both share a practitioners perspective to ESG.

Panel to include:

Dr Gabrielle Walker

Pete Gunning
Global CIO

Joe Hemmant
Global Head of Equity Research

Emily Steinbarth
Quantitative Research Analyst

12:20 Breakout session #1 - your choice

  • 1. Pensions landscape: What does the future hold?

    A few things have rocked the DB landscape of late. The ongoing migration from DB to DC, the rise of fiduciary management, pension fund pooling and not to mention ongoing regulatory changes. The pension landscape is no doubt set for further change. Join David as he shares his thoughts on the future of the pension landscape along with its wider implications.

David Rae
Head of Strategic Client Solutions

  • 2. Enhanced portfolio implementation: How to ensure stronger alpha preservation

    Enhanced Portfolio Implementation is a technique pioneered by Russell Investments, designed to maximise alpha preservation within a multi-manager structure, by reducing costs of implementation. This session will outline how this approach has managed to achieve a nearly identical risk and return profile as the traditional structure, whilst preserving more of the intended alpha, and enabling more control as an investor.

Logan Hilkin
Implementation Portfolio Manager

Ronnie Sabel
Senior Portfolio Manager

Carolyn Tsalos
Director, UK Institutional

  • 3. Market spotlight: Emerging market equity with a focus on China

    Phenomenal returns in 2017 were followed by a somewhat turbulent 2018. What lies ahead for emerging market equities? Kathrine will consider the risks and opportunities in this market. She will also take a look at the rising titan, China and how investors can gain exposure in the market of tomorrow.

Kathrine Husvaeg
Senior Portfolio Manager
13:00 Lunch  
  • Private markets: An alternative during volatile times

    As investors navigate volatile listed markets, some turn to private markets as a less volatile source of returns. Julia will provide our outlook for private markets, including real assets, as well as private equity and debt; where we see the best opportunities, as well as what to avoid. We’ll also share investment trends and innovations we are observing in the market.

Julia Cormier
Client Portfolio Manager
14:20 Breakout session #2 - your choice

  • 1. Panel: Did the regulatory review “fix” the transition management industry?

    The transition management industry had a period in the spotlight, but what does that mean for asset owners? This panel session will invite Graham Dixon, who was central to the landmark legal case which triggered the regulatory investigation, to share his views on the industry. We will aim to provoke discussion around whether the issues have truly been resolved, or whether asset owners should still be mindful of specific things when appointing a transition provider.

Panel to include:

Graham Dixon
Director, Transitions, Inalytics

Ian McKnight
CIO, Royal Mail

Rick Boomgaardt

Mirjam Klijnsma
Managing Director, Implementation Services (Chair)

Chris Adolph
Head of Transition Management

  • 2. The changing fiduciary management landscape

    In July 2018, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published the provisional conclusions from its review of the supply and acquisition of investment consulting and fiduciary management (FM) services in the UK. A final decision report is set to be published in March 2019. Join us as we explore the evolution of the FM market and the implications that the CMA review are expected to have in the coming months and years.

Peter Dorward
Managing Director, IC Select

Sarah Leslie
Head of UK Fiduciary Management

15:00  Break  
Adam Smears
Head of Fixed Income Research
15:50  Closing remarks Gerard Fitzpatrick
  • Guest speaker: Christian Horner OBE

    Christian Horner is the Team Principal of the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team. He has led the team from its early days and turned them into champions in arguably the most competitive sport in the world. Christian will share his experience in delivering consistent performance through dynamic strategy management in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Christian Horner
Team Principal, Red Bull Racing Formula 1
17:00  Drinks reception  
19:00 Carriages  
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