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Supporting advisors as they transition their business to the next level.

What is advisory transition?

Advisory transition shifts an advisor's practice away from time-consuming investment management, and towards activities that align with what your clients value most.

Why is advisory important?

The value of an advisor today extends far beyond simply selecting investment products. A financial advisor's value is steeped in their ability to provide comprehensive family wealth management services within a trusting advisory relationship.

Over time, these relationships tend to generate a more predictable, recurring revenue stream for the advisor. Aligning advisor and client interests naturally leads to more advocacy and referrals.

The goal and the potential benefits are clear. But the actual transition can feel daunting.

"Whether you're seeking to grow your business, find efficiencies, enhance client service or learn best practices, we can help you determine where to start."

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Which transition model is right for you?

Whether you are running your own investment portfolios and need core or satellite solutions through specific funds or you are looking for complete leverage from professionally-managed, outsourced strategies, Russell Investments can help you get there!

In addition to saving time and resources, utilizing fund strategist portfolios help advisors grow faster and perform better for their clients.


revenue increase

Advisory vs brokerage could result in over 150% increase in predictable revenue1



In a recent study of 31,000 accounts from 1/1/17 to 12/31/19, advisors utilizing fund strategist portfolios outperformed advisors as portfolio manager by 1.24%2


2Source: Envestnet Analytics. Performance data from more than 31,000 accounts in the Moderate/Moderate Growth risk tier, spanning January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2019. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Where is your practice in the evolution cycle?

Your practice may draw on one or more of these models today. Find solutions that help save time and capacity and allow you to deliver on the service promise to your clients.

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Who should consider advisory transition?

Spoiler alert: The answer is almost every advisor!

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How do I transition?

Experience what Russell Investments can do for you

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Our easy to follow, 6-step disciplined approach designed to help reduce execution challenges you may face while transitioning your business.

Your dedicated Russell Investments regional team can help you identify opportunities, plan and implement transitions with these items in mind:

Assistance at the point of sale

Customize proposals & client-ready packages for your client conversations

MAP builder preview

The Investment Proposal Tool (formerly known as MAP Builder) is an easy-to-use web-based tool that brings together Russell Investments' proprietary capital market forecasts and Monte Carlo simulation, along with before- and after-tax assumptions, to quickly create a high-quality proposal for use with end-investors.

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Consider these best practices and resources to navigate the current environment toward deeper relationships with your clients.


Conducting effective client reviews is especially important during periods of market uncertainty.

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Model portfolios

Solutions designed to maximize after-tax return.

Solutions designed to maximize after-tax return for California-based investor’s taxable dollars.

Solutions designed to maximize after-tax return for New York State-based investor’s taxable dollars.

Solutions designed to maximize growth by capitalizing on active management opportunities.

Solutions designed to generate excess performance at an attractive total cost.

Solutions designed to deliver yield-based income at an attractive total cost.

Where do I start?

Getting started is easy! Check out our resources below and contact your dedicated Russell Investments regional team at 800-787-7354 or to get started.

Advisory Transition Materials

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Transition Services for Advisors e-book

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Sample Custom Business Analysis and Transition Potential Report

Quarterly review materials

Use these documents to complement your quarter-end conversations with clients

Quarterly review materials


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