Understanding the expanded toolkit of investment options

Non-profit investors are increasing their asset allocation across the private markets universe to access new sources of return, protect against inflation, and gain steady income opportunities. Private markets have matured over the last 10 years and now offer an extensive range of exposures with improved accessibility to smaller organizations.

When investing in private markets, it is important to consider the primary portfolio objectives and what tools you need to achieve those objectives.

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Flattening the J-curve: Private equity strategies to improve investment outcomes

Private equity investors can potentially overcome the J-curve and experience improved investment outcomes earlier through the use of secondaries and co-investments.

New private markets strategies to support your total portfolio

Private asset management provides a diverse range of tools that can be used to target exposures or reduce risk. We explore the evolving private markets portfolio opportunity set and examine the metrics that matter when incorporating within your total portfolio.

Using private markets to target your biggest investment challenges

Inflation, a low-return environment, supply-chain issues, and decarbonization are all critical concerns impacting investors' portfolios. With 50 years' experience, we identify strategies that can help you navigate market changes and shifting global trends.

Tap into the power of private markets

Private markets provide opportunities across market cycles, for additional diversification, and the potential to generate attractive returns. But investment in this category demands greater levels of risk management at the total-portfolio level. It's a tool that requires a deep level of both sophistication and proven experience. The potential value is there, but just how do you maximize and manage the power of private markets?

Russell Investments provides a total portfolio approach to managing investments for non-profit organizations. As an Outsourced CIO (OCIO), we develop customized solutions to help clients meet their investment objectives across public market, alternative, and private market investments.