Managing portfolios in transition can maximise performance by
reducing unnecessary cost and risk.

Organisations invest tremendous efforts in setting asset allocation policy, designing asset class structure, and researching and selecting investment managers.

However, even the most innovative investment ideas can fail to meet expectations if they are implemented poorly.

Our comprehensive transition management strategy and dedicated resources have the expertise to help you:

  • Minimise unnecessary costs
  • Mitigate unrewarded risk
  • Reduce administrative workload
  • Eliminate performance holidays and maintain accountability

Why Russell Investments for transition management?

Three important and key reasons

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Better performance outcomes through creative strategies and quality execution

We approach each event as a short-term asset management assignment, providing consultative insight to find optimal solutions for the unique attributes of each transition.

We source and access liquidity in an unbiased fashion through our multi-venue trading platform which provides breadth and depth of market access. Our strong performance track record across all asset classes demonstrates the value of our approach and process.

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Global transition management experience

In 2022, we managed 133 events and transitioned $76 USD billion.

Our global team includes 90+ implementation professionals including 20 who specialise in transition management¹.

Our proven transition track record is 75% of actual results².

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Alignment of interests and fiduciary oversight

We work as an agent - never as a principal - which minimises conflicts of interest.

As an asset manager, we maintain fiduciary oversight and provide a duty of care to investors as well as full transparency on all costs and changes.

An experienced, well-resourced global transition management team


Assets transitioned in 2022

21 professionals

Transition management specialists around the globe

40⁺ years

Experience transitioning assets for clients

20⁺ traders

All specialising by asset class and instrument

17 years

Transition manager average years of experience

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How exposed are you? When it comes to risk management, we've got you covered.

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1 Source: Russell Investments, As of 31 December 2022

2 Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Russell Investments Transition Management Performance Composites – 5-year composites ending December 2020.