Transition management

Maximise the performance of assets in transition by reducing unnecessary cost and risk.

The challenge

Organisations invest tremendous effort in setting asset allocation policy, designing asset class structure, and researching and selecting investment managers. However, even the most innovative investment ideas can fail to meet expectations if they are implemented poorly.

A well-planned transition strategy and the right resources can help you to:

  • Minimise unnecessary costs
  • Mitigate unrewarded risk
  • Reduce administrative workload
  • Eliminate performance holidays and maintain accountability

Why Russell Investments for transition management?

Using quantitative asset management disciplines, we focus on market exposure, portfolio structure and trading efficiency to the short, yet critical, period of portfolio restructuring.

Our unique approach encourages transparency, aligns interests and maximises risk-adjusted performance over short or long periods of change.

The experience and expertise to help clients manage their risks and maintain the value of investments through periods of portfolio restructuring.

In 2020 we managed 197 events and transitioned $122 billion - across multiple asset classes.

Delivering unparalleled transition management benefits

As an investment manager, we provide genuine fiduciary oversight that fully aligns with our client's needs. Monitoring and governance of the process ensures full accountability to our clients.

Our multi-venue trading provides access to both buy and sell side liquidity as well as the ability to seek the best real-time, global execution. We excel at global restructures across asset classes and can bring that experience to bear for even simple events.

As a pure agent, our approach provides independence – there is no association with a proprietary book. As such, there are no undisclosed sources of revenue - we fully disclose all our fees. Always. We seek the best solution on your behalf with fewer conflicts of interest than other business models.

Short-term transition projects require significant resources. As the project and risk manager, we operate as an extension of your staff, with decades of experience and ample resources to manage your event to a successful outcome.

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Transition management service summary

Maximise the performance
of assets in transition by
reducing unnecessary cost
and unrewarded risk.

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Transition management service summary

Don't ignore currency
exposure when investing

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An experienced, well-resourced global team

AUD$122 billion
Assets in transition 2020


Global team 


Years of experience transitioning assets for clients


Traders specialising by asset class and instrument

11 years

Portfolio managers average years of experience

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