July 3, 2024
Russell Investments Master Trust trustee welcomes two new directors

  • Industry stalwarts Jocelyn Furlan and Ben Walsh join trustee board

April 16, 2024
Russell Investments launches its first active multi-strategy global shares ETF in Australia

  • The Russell Investments Sustainable Global Opportunities Complex ETF incorporates the investment strategies of multiple global ESG specialist investment managers.
  • This ETF leverages Russell Investments’ global research and implementation expertise to combine complementary ESG strategies in a single portfolio.

October 26, 2023
Russell Investments supports expanding Asia Pacific business with senior appointments 

  • Tim Furlan appointed as Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand
  • Pete Gunning returns to lead APAC-wide business

October 18, 2023
ESG factors increasingly drive investment decision-making 

  • Only 7% said ESG factors do not drive investment decisions, down from 22% in 2022
  • 75% of participating active managers report hiring additional dedicated ESG personnel
  • Direct company engagement has become the primary source for ESG information

August 29, 2023
Russell Investments expands Sustainable Managed Portfolio suite 

  • Russell Investments bolsters Sustainable Managed Portfolio range, adding Conservative, Diversified 50 and High Growth options
  • Expanded range mirrors Russell Investments’ core Multi-Asset offering
  • Broadens advisers’ ability to benefit from managed account efficiencies

February 8, 2023
Zach Buchwald to lead Russell Investments as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman 
Leveraging significant leadership experience in asset management, Buchwald, former head of BlackRock's North America institutional business, will focus on driving the global investment solutions firm's next phase of growth

October 17, 2022
Financial adviser value rises as market volatility rocks local investors in 2022

  • Australians with a financial adviser 5.8% p.a. better off than non-advised investors
  • 2022 Russell Investments Value of an Adviser Report reveals critical role advisers play in coaching clients to optimum outcomes

August 4, 2022
Russell Investments announces CEO transition process

  • Michelle Seitz to step down by year end, concluding successful five-year tenure
  • President and CIO Kate El-Hillow appointed Co-President alongside Kevin Klingert

August 18, 2021
Financial advisers save investors from poor decisions during COVID market mayhem

  • 2021 Russell Investments Value of an Adviser Report shows having a ‘behavioural coach’ is critical to avoiding bad investment decisions under stress
  • Australians with financial advisers are 5.2% better off per year than non-advised Australians

June 29, 2021
Russell Investments’ mid-year market outlook: Strategists expect global reopening trade to stay on course through 2021

  • Team favours equities over bonds, the value factor vs. growth, and non-U.S. over U.S. stocks

June 2, 2021
Three leading employers award corporate superannuation mandates to Russell Investments Master Trust

  • Employers flock to personalised superannuation solutions

May 4, 2021
Russell Investments makes additions to senior leadership team

  • Kate El-Hillow has joined as President & Chief Investment Officer and Kevin Klingert has been hired as President

March 30, 2021
Russell Investments Enters Strategic Partnership with Hamilton Lane to Accelerate Private Markets Capabilities

  • Partnership will deliver innovative investment solutions across asset class spectrum for Russell Investments’ clients
  • Hamilton Lane takes a US$90 million stake in Russell Investments

October 27, 2020
Russell Investments launches GoalTracker™ – Australia’s first truly personalised super solution

  • Revolutionary approach delivers a highly personalised superannuation experience – building member engagement and helping close Australia’s ‘real retirement gap’
  • Innovative solution uses broad range of individual data – creating a customised asset allocation to improve chance of reaching personal retirement goals

October 14, 2020
In challenging times, financial advisers still deliver value of 5.2%p.a. or more to their clients

  • Russell Investments 2020 Value of an Adviser Report highlights the role advisers play in providing support, discipline and connection to clients during COVID-19

May 25, 2020
Australians in the dark on super investments as COVID-19 hits retirement savings

  • New research shows many Australians wrongly believe super funds automatically de-risk to protect losses during market downturns
  • Superannuation members are missing out on better investment outcomes due to poor asset allocation

May 06, 2020
Mass personalisation the key to improve retirement income adequacy

  • Featured in ASFA Superfunds magazine, Jodie Hampshire, explains why a mass personalised, goals-based approach to superannuation is just around the corner.

July 17, 2019
Russell Investments launches ‘next generation’ managed accounts, offering dynamic management at cost-effective price

  • New report highlights the value an investor gains each year through an advice partnership

February 27, 2019
Russell Investments launches first low-carbon Australian shares fund for broad-market investing

  • New fund offers reduced exposure to climate change risk while maintaining equity returns

February 13, 2019
Russell Investments hires new president for China business

  • Ying Tan will oversee the firm’s strategic growth initiatives in China

November 29, 2018
Russell Investments recognised by Money magazine as the best fund manager in Australia for 2019

  • Firm’s multi-asset solutions also earn “best multi-sector fund” award for sixth-consecutive year

November 06, 2018
Russell Investments' multi-asset funds win industry award and all "highly recommended" ratings

  • Only five products in Zenith's 2018 Multi-Asset (Diversified) Review earn the highest rating - all Russell Investments' funds for Australian investors

August 31, 2018
Russell Investments achieves consistently high "A" scores for responsible investing in 11 categories

  • UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) assesses signatories annually, offering a median score of "C" in seven categories where Russell Investments received an A

July 4, 2018
Report reveals asset classes flip from top to bottom spots quickly, cautions investors who chase previous ‘winners’ to stay diversified

  • Analysis of returns reveals why balanced & growth funds fared relatively well in 2017
  • Annual report’s 20-years of hindsight supports value in diversification across asset classes

July 3, 2018
Russell Investments' 2018 Global Market Outlook – Q3 Update: Strategists on watch as markets walk trade-war tightrope

  • Quantitative models show U.S. recession risk flashing 'caution', not 'warning'
  • Amid market risks, the team believes global equities still have room to run in 2018

March 29, 2018
Russell Investments’ 2018 Global Market Outlook – Q2 Update: Opposing market forces vie for dominance in early 2018

  • Global equities could still push higher before facing headwinds later in the year

March 28, 2018
Russell Investments welcomes Nationwide Super to its growing superannuation alliance
Alliance champions renaissance of the independent fund amidst fund consolidation trend

February 20, 2018
Russell Investments unveils more meaningful ESG scoring
Cutting-edge research identifies financially material ESG factors for investors

December 18, 2017
Russell Investments earns "best multi-sector fund" award
Money magazine recognises the firm’s multi-asset investing prowess for fifth-consecutive year

December 13, 2017
Russell Investments earns implemented consulting assignment from NESS super
Implemented consulting pioneer delivers tailored solution to support positive member outcomes

December 11, 2017
Russell Investments’ 2018 Global Market Outlook: Golden-oldie bull market may face the music in 2018

  • Equities could push higher before facing headwinds later in 2018
  • Strategists expect Australian housing growth to slow in new year
  • Europe, Japan and emerging markets likely to outperform the U.S.

October 24, 2017
Russell Investments offers low carbon global shares fund based on cutting-edge decarbonisation investment strategy

  • New fund reduces exposure to climate change risk, while maintaining global equity returns.
  • Enhanced ‘green energy ratio’ methodology helps assure desired investment in ‘green’ energy.
  • GuildSuper, Child Care Super and GuildPension commit to allocating assets to the cutting-edge fund

October 19, 2017
Russell Investments’ survey: Wary financial advisers see benefit of real return funds amid extreme equity valuations
Survey of 200 Australian financial advisers finds a majority reviewing portfolio derisking options

October 19, 2017
Russell Investments unveils 'downside management' toolkit
Firm equips investors with rich toolkit of resources to brace for and manage through a market downturn

October 3, 2017
Russell Investments’ 2017 Global Market Outlook – Q4 Update: Asset class sweet spot may sour on valuations

  • Expensive equities remain a key concern
  • Conditions for government bonds favour rising yields
  • Asia-Pacific: Developing economies lead amid positive momentum in the region

September 26, 2017
Russell Investments achieves highest possible “A+” grade for eight categories of responsible investing practices
World’s top proponent of responsible investing recognises firms leading the charge globally

September 5, 2017
Michelle Seitz named Chief Executive Officer of Russell Investments
Leveraging her 30 years of experience in asset management, Seitz will lead the next growth phase of the global multi-asset firm.

July 28, 2017
Russell Investments/ASX 2017 long-term investing report: Australian investors face five key threats to wealth creation

  • Residential property was top performing asset class, but now carries significant risk.
  • Annual report reveals value in a globally diversified, multi-asset investment approach.

April 19, 2017
Russell Investments gains $1.9 billion implemented consulting client
Tasmania’s superannuation commission selects firm to help manage defined benefit assets

March 30, 2017
Russell Investments’ 2017 Global Market Outlook – Q2 Update: The ‘fake news’ market rally may have to face reality

  • Equity markets look deeply overbought with the U.S. most vulnerable
  • Asia-Pacific economies motoring on, despite global headwinds

March 7, 2016
Standard carbon-reduction investment approaches can lead to unintended consequences for superannuation funds

  • Research underpins the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s (APRA) recent acknowledgement of climate change as a material financial risk
  • Firm’s strategy accounts for more criteria such as carbon reserves & green energy ratios

February 07, 2017
Russell Investments hires Jane Williams for lead manager research role
On global manager research team, she leads research on Australian and New Zealand products

December 7, 2016
Russell Investments’ 2017 Global Market Outlook

  • Two additional U.S. federal funds rate hikes forecast for next year
  • Australia expected to deliver solid growth in 2017; China turning upward

December 6, 2016
Russell Investments signs landmark agreement with China AMC

  • Chinese asset management industry sees growth trajectory, including multi-asset solutions
  • New regulations allow creation of fund-of-funds solutions as more investors seek global solutions

October 20, 2016
Guild Trustee Services appoints Russell Investments as Investment Manager

Russell Investments will advise and manage $1.3 billion assets across six assets classes for Guild Trustee Services.

October 04, 2016
Russell Investments’ 2016 Global Market Outlook – Q4 Update: Global markets appear vulnerable to fourth-quarter shocks

  • U.S. recession risk edges higher, but remains modest
  • Asia-Pacific markets on track to end 2016 with creditable performances
  • Market pullbacks may provide investment opportunities

July 12, 2016
Russell Investments bolsters independent super board

  • New directors strengthen the trustee’s governance, risk management and investment experience.
  • New super mobile app will give members the ability to actively manage their super, including choosing a desired future lifestyle and retirement income goal.

July 06, 2016
Russell Investments’ 2016 Global Market Outlook-Q3 Update: Strategists see lacklustre global investing environment at mid-year

  • Spurts of volatility may present buying opportunities in global equities
  • Only one U.S. federal funds rate hike expected in 2016 - if at all
  • Australian export volumes appear strong enough to support GDP growth

May 23, 2016
Russell Investments/ASX long-term investing report confirms ‘home bias’ hurting Australian investors

  • Report reveals value in global and alternative assets and strategies.
  • Amid shifting market fortunes, Russell Investments expands dynamic “real return” fund series.

April 19, 2016
Russell Investments analyses carbon-reduction strategies, delivers unique investment solutions to clients
Research team reviews portfolio ‘decarbonising’ strategies for accuracy of exposure and outcomes

March 30, 2016
Russell Investments’ 2016 Global Market Outlook–Q2 Update: Near-term recession unlikely, despite downside risks
Central bank policies and anxiety drive global market volatility

January 13, 2016
Russell Investments expands executive leadership team, naming Vernon Barback President
Newly created role part of Russell Investments’ efforts to maximize global growth opportunities

January 12, 2016
Russell Investments' 2016 Annual Global Market Outlook: The Fed awakens as business cycles mature, valuations stretch
Strategists expect robust economic growth in developed economies

December 14, 2015
Australian investors need broader investment palette to prepare for 2016, says Russell Investments' senior investment strategist
Award-winning Russell Investments shares multi-asset checklist and six 'signposts' for investors

November 25, 2015
Russell Investments expands implementation team in Asia-Pacific
New implementation portfolio management roles added in Sydney and Tokyo

October 19, 2015
LSEG announces proposed sale of Russell Investments to TA Associates and Reverence Capital Partners
London Stock Exchange Group plc (“LSEG”) today announces that it has agreed the proposed sale of Frank Russell Company’s asset management business (“Russell Investments”) to TA Associates for gross proceeds of US$1,150 million (£752 million1) in cash, subject to customary closing adjustments and regulatory and other required approvals.

October 06, 2015
Russell Investments strategists' outlook: Market turbulence a retreat from overbought conditions, not the beginning of a new bear market.
Continue high conviction overweight to eurozone; modest underweight to US equities. China experiencing a meaningful deceleration but ultimately a soft landing

June 30, 2015
Russell Investments strategists' outlook: Fed rate hike and Greek bailout dominate mid-year 2015 update
Shift to neutral for global equities vs. fixed income [for multi-asset portfolios]. Underweight US given expensive equities and low bond yields.

June 3, 2015
New report warns Australian investors against relying solely on local asset classes
Russell Investments/ASX Long-term Investing Report confirms the 'triple treat' domestic investment honeymoon is over

April 1, 2015
Russell Investments launches responsible investment ETF based on demand from Australian investors
Russell Australian Responsible Investment ETF offers cost-effective access to screened Australian shares

March 31, 2015
Russell Investments Strategists' Outlook - Q2 Update: Declining energy prices amplify divergence of central banks
Preference shifts toward Europe and Japan over US markets. Asia-Pacific strategist sees Europe as destination of choice for investments