Grow your super

Super is many things, but ‘set-and-forget’ it is not—especially if you want to make your super last throughout your life in retirement. Give your super savings a boost by adapting smart strategies.

Why grow your super?

It doesn’t require much effort to make sure your super is working hard for you and growing at a healthy rate.

Once you have your super account set up and have your employer’s super contributions coming into it, it’s easy to imagine that it’s all done and dusted. It isn’t, but the good news is it doesn’t require much effort to make sure your super is working hard for you and growing at a healthy rate.

Take this thought-provoking industry retirement standard… a 65-year-old who owns their home would need $43,901 a year to live a comfortable lifestyle, while a couple the same age who own their home would need $62,083 a year. Of course, your personal circumstances will determine what this number is for your own retirement future, but it’s a useful indicator to help understand how much super is needed to last for how long.

As your super fund, we can help you with what you need to do. There are plenty of options—from combining super accounts, making extra contributions, changing your investment strategy, to checking on your eligibility for government co-contributions or even getting your spouse to make a contribution—and it’s important to work out what suits you and your goals.


What's next?

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Set a goal

It’s a great way to prioritise what’s important to you and motivate yourself to achieve your plans for the future.

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Combine your super

Multiple accounts mean you’re paying multiple sets of fees. That’s why it can make sense to get your super together.

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Contribute more

Putting even a few dollars extra into your super each week can significantly boost your super savings.

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Take us to your new job

Changing jobs? Take iQ Super with you, so you have all your super in one place.

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