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Your feel-good guide to super and retirement.

From your first job to your twilight years, you’ll find tips and tricks to get the most from your retirement savings and from life after work.


Prioritise today and save for tomorrow

Current costs are important but don’t take from the future to pay for the present.

By Hannah Tattersall


Q&A: Government Age Pension

Funding your lifestyle after retirement can come from different sources. Find out how the government Age Pension fits into it.

By Joel Atputharaj →


#goals for a confident retirement

Retiring changes the way people think about spending their time, but it also calls for a shift in thinking about money. Setting goals can help smooth the transition.

By Angelo Lombardo →


Q2 Global Market Outlook

Our Chief Investment Strategist and his team provide insights about market events for the quarter ahead in the latest edition, ‘Pent-up exuberance’.

By Andrew Pease



Get to know your super

As one of our valued members, you have a lot of control over your super. Watch our quick video to find out what you need to do.

By Ofalyn Ayuk


My recipe for super savings success

Our semi-retired columnist shares the significant role before-tax super contributions played in helping him achieve financial security.

By John Wasiliev


Your best defence against inflation

High inflation is increasing living costs. Our checklist could help secure your retirement lifestyle against its effects.

By Dan Choo



Is China coming back with a bang?

Chinese equities are extremely cheaply priced. Could now be an attractive entry point for investors?

By Alex Cousley and Yavor Obreshkov

Emma B


2024 ‘super’ resolutions

As one year ends and a new one begins, it’s a great time to review and reset—here’s how to do that with your super in three easy steps.

By Emma Barrett


May 2024

Member Outcomes Assessment – out now

Do you hold MySuper and/or Choice Products in the Russell Investments Master Trust? If so, now you have the opportunity to read the Member Outcomes Assessment, for the financial year ending 30 June 2023. It shows how your trustee promotes the financial interests of members like you through the delivery of innovative services and competitive products.

2024-25 Federal Budget – coming soon

Treasurer Jim Chalmers is set to deliver the 2024–25 Budget at around 7:30 pm (AEST) on Tuesday, 14 May 2024. Our superannuation and investment experts will be on hand to deliver the highlights that matter to you. Look out for our budget commentary headed to your inbox.


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