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If you’re looking for the support of a qualified expert to set your goals and help you achieve them, you’ve come to the right place. Our advice menu offers plenty of options to help you achieve a great life after work.

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What is Financial Advice?

Financial advice is about getting an expert to use their knowledge and experience to build long-term financial plans, personalised for your circumstances, goals and desires.

No matter where you are in your working life, there are things you can do with your super that will make a real difference to your life after work. Some of these actions will be simple, taking only a few minutes. Some people may also find that they do a great job reaching their investment and retirement goals on their own.

But if you don’t have clear goals for your financial future or an idea of the best strategies to help you get there, expert advice can make a huge difference.

Financial advice is about getting an expert to use their knowledge and experience to build long-term financial plans, personalised for your circumstances, goals and desires. It’s a one-on-one commitment and encompasses not just investment strategies, but also insurance requirements, savings plans and tax strategies—all regularly evaluated and adapted to suit the changes you go through in life.

Understanding the types of advice on offer is also important. Some may want general advice, others may opt for comprehensive advice to get a full financial picture; and yet others may want specialist advice on a particular topic.

That’s why, as your super fund, we offer four different advice options—general advice over the phone, Retire Ready meetings tailored for those approaching retirement, personal advice over the phone and comprehensive advice.

Let us find you expert help you can rely on.


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Your advice options

What type of advice is right for you? General advice, one-on-one Retire Ready meetings, a personal recommendation over the phone or comprehensive advice?

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Retire Ready meetings

Counting down to retirement? Look into a Retire Ready meeting. It’s our way of helping you prepare for retirement with confidence and peace of mind.

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Why work with a financial adviser?

Because that relationship may be one of your best investments.

The 2021 Value of an Adviser Report shows that having a ‘behavioural coach’ is critical to avoiding bad investment decisions under stress and contains a simple and handy formula that can help you understand the value of working with an adviser.

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