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For over 20 years, we have partnered with thousands of advisers across the globe to help them transform their business and deliver better client outcomes. Running a business can be tough, with less time to focus on what matters. We can help.

Explore our programs, resources and tools, designed to address advisers' needs and opportunities as they maximise their potential, evolve their practice and revolutionise their business throughout their lifecycle. Discover how we can help you today.

Maximise your potential

You want to help clients reach their desired outcomes while also continuing to grow your business. Discover tools and insights to help you maximise the potential of your business and your client outcomes.


The Discovery Process

Connect more deeply with existing clients and with prospects by getting to the heart of what is important to them. Ultimately, this interactive approach to client discovery has the potential to position you to be the client’s primary trusted adviser.

Module outcomes include:

  • Understand how to align discovery with identifying client’s purpose
  • Learn strategies to enhance trust with your clients and prospects
  • Utilise our Discovery Cards in client meetings increase openness in client conversations
  • Learn how to uncover new opportunities within your practice through client discovery

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Optimise your client experience

Are you delivering maximum value to your clients? This program is designed to help you develop a proactive and segmented approach to providing a consistent service model to your clients.

Module outcomes include

  • Aligning contemporary client segmentation to your client experience expectations
  • Understand critical success factors between design and execution of a service model
  • Strategies on where to build scale and where to deliver high touch in your service model
  • Tools to map your client engagement model with the execution requirements of your team

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Optimise your service model

It’s a balancing act! This program takes the client experience you have designed and evaluates the capacity of your team to successfully execute on this plan. Ensuring you are delivering on your client expectations while also meeting compliance obligations and building sustainable business processes for your team.

Module outcomes include

  • How to align the needs of you client service model with the capacity of your team to deliver and execute successfully
  • How to calculate if you are at risk of under servicing your clients
  • Ways to connect your client engagement with your compliance objectives and increase team buy-in

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Evolve your practice

You have a robust service model and built the foundations of your practice. Now you want to make your practice stand out, enhance client relationships and extend your business opportunities.

Behavioural Investing

It’s no secret that many investors jeopardise the long-term health of their wealth by making poor investment decisions. We provide practical strategies you can use to help your clients avoid some of those most common and harmful human behaviours.

Module outcomes include:

  • Identifying key behavioural finance biases and potential impacts to clients’ and their portfolios
  • Understand the common behaviours that many of your clients’ may exhibit and how you can use these for more rewarding client interactions.
  • Identify and manage your clients’ natural biases and how to position your role as an Adviser and keep clients’ on track for their personal goals

This is a CPD accredited program

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Demographics - Finding your ideal client

Searching for your ideal clients, looking to deepen connections with existing clients, or attract and engage with prospects – a deeper understanding of your audience could be your answer. This program looks at different client demographics, their unique characteristics and how Advisers can use this information to deepen and grow client relationships

Module outcomes include:

  • Understanding some deeper insights from demographic segments such as generation based groups, women, families, career based and other groups.
  • How to appreciate and adopt key behaviours and motivators of your audience to build deeper and longer lasting relationships.
  • Learn how to use demographics in your business strategy including ideal client design and your value proposition
  • Learn ways to use target demographics to uncover opportunities and build networking and new client opportunities.

This is CPD accredited program

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Designing a modern referral strategy

A successful referral strategy can deliver ongoing growth to your business. This program looks at both modernising the client and partner referral models.

Module outcomes include:

  • Understanding the power of referrals and the magic of compound client growth
  • How to develop a targeted client referral strategy that delivers client growth efficiently.
  • Strategies to develop successful traditional and modern referral partners into mutually beneficial relationships

This is a CPD accredited program

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Revolutionise your practice

Your practice humming along nicely and clients are delighted. But your mind keeps going to what might be the next possibilities. Our tools and insights can help you think about your business like a CEO.

Bespoke business consulting

In addition to our designed programs – we also offer bespoke business consulting for our valued Adviser relationships.

We design Business Consulting solutions for you based on your needs. Our process includes an initial discovery process where we evaluate your business, hear your needs and concerns and the business challenge you are seeking to solve.

From here we can co-design a program that may focus on your team development, your client engagement model or any other areas of opportunity we uncover. This is a flexible and custom program, with the potential to bring in some local and international experts to the discussion.

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