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Actively managed multi-asset funds designed to deliver specific growth and income objectives.

Why use Russell Investments diversified funds?

Our market leading, multi-asset funds provide a diversified portfolio that delivers to the outcome you are seeking.

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Intelligently diversified

We design a blueprint for our funds drawing on truly diverse sources of return, to help the portfolio weather different market conditions and economic scenarios.

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Active management

Our portfolio management team continuously assesses portfolio risk and adapts the assets, strategies and managers when necessary, to minimise risks and take advantage of the market opportunities.

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Best of breed

We take a global ‘best of breed’ approach to manager research, with researchers strategically placed around the world, searching for future out-performers. We have developed deep insights into how to evaluate and construct investment portfolios.

Our funds

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Fund Inception Date Performance (p.a.)
As of 31/3/2024
1 Year 3 Years 5 Years Since Inception
Russell Investments Conservative Fund - Class A 31/10/2000 6.00% 1.91% 3.00% 5.08%
Russell Investments Diversified 50 Fund - Class A 30/11/2000 8.94% 3.65% 4.64% 5.69%
Russell Investments Balanced Fund - Class A 31/10/2000 12.25% 5.64% 6.20% 6.02%
Russell Investments Growth Fund - Class A 31/10/2000 15.01% 6.91% 7.35% 6.16%
Russell Investments High Growth Fund - Class A 31/8/2005 17.65% 7.84% 8.51% 6.96%

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Performance has been calculated after allowing for tax and investment management expenses. Administration fees are not included in the calculation. Performance for periods longer than 1 year are annualised. The inception date reflects the day the fund was constituted. This information has been prepared for the purpose of providing general information, without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making an investment decision, you need to consider whether this information is appropriate to your objectives, financial situation or needs. Please consult your financial adviser. This information has been compiled from sources considered to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. Any potential investor should consider the relevant PDS in deciding whether to acquire, or continue to hold units in a fund.

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Our multi-asset review discusses Russell Investments’ performance in the past quarter and the outlook for year ahead.

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