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Effective client meetings

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A roadmap to conducting effective client conversations

Why does effective client meetings matter?

Making the most out of your client interaction

A financial adviser's job is to guide and advise their clients on managing their finances, so it is crucial for them to have effective client meetings. These meetings provide an opportunity for the adviser to truly engage with their clients, listen to their concerns and goals, and develop a plan that suits their needs. It also builds trust between the adviser and client, as the client sees that their adviser genuinely cares about their financial well-being.

What makes an effective review?

The 3 P's of effective reviews

There are three key ingredients to effective client reviews: Perspective, Process and Poise.


Help clients gain perspective on world news, market headlines, and the value of working with an adviser.


Be intentional about the words you use, and remember to authentically ask, listen and empathise throughout your meeting.


Walk your client through your client-centered wealth management process, their plan and portfolios.

What do I need to do?

Preparing for the meeting

Any good meeting—requires advance preparation. Gather and reflect on the following to help your conversation go smoothly.

Deliver perspective

Market insights

Resources to keep you abreast of what’s happening in investment markets globally.



Articulate your process

Prepare your talking points

Walk your client through your client-centered wealth management process, their plan and portfolios.

Send an agenda at least 3 business days prior to your meeting.

Review goals

Review your client’s goals, preferences and financial plan. Are their portfolios still aligned to their investment goals?

Are there new advice needs that need to be incorporated?

Review portfolios

Reflect on what’s working and what isn’t. Do you need to consider any changes?

Practice poise

Virtual meetings

Brush up on your technology.

Coaching opportunities

When faced with a potentially challenging client conversation, use our ALEC framework to reframe it as a coaching opportunity.

Optimising your client experience

You’re prepared! Be confident and remember to authentically ask, listen and empathise throughout the meeting.

Be personable

Prior to jumping straight into the agenda, take time for personal conversation and gauge your client’s emotional state.

Ask what may be coming up in your clients’ personal life, any milestones, goals or concerns.

Stay focused

Walk the client through the meeting agenda. Ask if they wish to add any times and make adjustments if needed.

  • Perspective. Share your perspective on the current world events, market developments and the value of working with a trusted adviser like you.
  • Priorities. Revisit your client’s priorities and if they’ve changed, walk them through a re-discovery process.
  • Process. Review your client's plan, tying it to their priorities and the re-discovery discussion if applicable. Articulate and review product alignment and recommendation.

Follow-up communication

Within 48 hours, send a follow-up email summarising the actions from the meeting and the details for your next meeting.

Highlight any key themes you would like to discuss at the next meeting and consider including investor resources to help your clients understand key investing topics.

Signal upcoming client events or other activities that reinforce your desire to invest in relationships and build community.

Implement next steps and keep communicating

Time to put your client’s plan into action.

Your Regional Manager can assist if you require specific information to include in your client’s SOA.

And don’t forget to keep your clients informed as next steps are completed and share other information and regular updates that are important to them.

Additional resources for your conversations with clients:

Adviser material

Portfolio review material

For adviser use only, use the insights from these documents to complement your conversations with clients.

Product Material

Market insights

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