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Tool and resources designed for you to engage and build trust with your clients.


Let's help demonstrate the value of advice

We believe advisers provide real value to their clients. Much of the work of an adviser is complex and happens behind the scenes, making it hard for clients to appreciate.

Our Value of an Adviser Report helps quantify the benefit advisers can deliver by focusing on key areas such as appropriate asset allocation, guiding investor behaviour and tax effective investing. This approach can help improve conversations with existing clients and make advisers more effective in differentiating themselves to attract new clients.

End Investor e-kit

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We have all heard people say… Nothing in this world is for free and if someone tells you otherwise, walk the other way. Can something as important as wealth planning be offered for free?



Helping your clients understand key investing topics

Jargon busters

Simple, plain-language to help your clients understand common investing terms.

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Cycle of market emotions

Emotion can be such a threat to an investor's financial health, so it's important to be aware of them.

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Behavioural mistakes

How to avoid them and their detrimental impact on investor’s portfolios.

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Value of diversification

The temptation to chase short-term returns can be hard to resist. This chart illustrates how different asset classes have performed relative to a multi-asset portfolio diversified across multiple assets, strategies & managers.

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A multi-manager approach

To capture the best, it helps to cast a wide net. Help your clients understand the benefits of a multi-manager approach and how Russell Investments puts specialised experts to work for them.

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Risk vs return

Investing in a single asset class is risky when you consider no one asset class consistently outperforms on a regular basis. This chart shows that no one asset class consistently outperforms on a regular basis.

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Use these resources to complement your conversations with clients

The big investor advantage

Giving investors the big investor advantage. Tap into highly rated, award-winning global investment expertise, to guide you through the opportunities and uncertainties of investing.


Who we are

Russell Investments is a leading global investment solutions partner, dedicated to improving people's financial security.

Our investment approach

Focusing the world's leading managers and strategies to help your clients achieve their goals.

Product materials

Factsheets and PDSs

Factsheets and PDSs

Managed Portfolios: Quarterly update


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Managed Portfolios: Client trade note

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Australian Bond ETFs

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Australian Responsible
Investment ETF

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High Dividend Australian Shares ETF

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Conversations with your clients

Additional resources to help you with your conversations with clients.

Effective client meetings

Consider these best practices and resources to help you conduct effective client meetings.

Let this be your roadmap

Managing through market volatility

Resources to help you and your clients navigate through market volatility and focus on the long-term.

Volatility toolkit

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