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Our active ownership activities focus on encouraging good practices on material issues that may protect and enhance long-term sustainable value creation.

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Each ETF is purpose-built to play a specific role in an overall portfolio. Providing a core suite of risk-controlled ETFs you can rely on.

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ETFs that are crafted with a research-driven, value-added methodology, providing access to target exposures with accuracy and efficiency.


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Russell Investments High Dividend Australian Shares ETF (RDV)

RDV seeks to track the Russell Australia High Dividend Index, to give you access to Australian blue-chip companies with a bias towards those that have a high expected dividend yield.

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Why use this in your portfolio?

Access income, through higher dividends and franking credits, and capital growth.

Key benefits of RDV

1Invests in a diversified equity portfolio with a dividend focus 2Access to franking credits from Australian blue-chip companies 3Avoid yield traps with a more comprehensive methodology than comparable ETFs

Russell Investments Sustainable Global Opportunities Complex ETF (RGOS)

RGOS will invest in shares and equity-related securities selected by Russell Investments based on advice received from investment managers pursuing a 'sustainable strategy’. RGOS will also take into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations including by applying exclusionary screens, its Net Zero Investment Framework and targets for carbon emissions reduction, net zero alignment and engagement.


Why use this in your portfolio?

RGOS can be used as a core international shares allocation in a balanced portfolio, providing both geographical diversification and ESG-related benefits.

Key benefits of RGOS

1Access a global shares portfolio with a focus on sustainable strategies, net zero targets, and processes in place to exclude companies that Russell Investments does not consider sustainable. 2Capture the active insight of multiple ESG managers all in a single ETF. Each utilises a specialist sustainable strategy, ensuring quality investment ideas are included in the portfolio. 3Russell Investments’ dedicated research team monitor the portfolio and continually assess the managers’ suitability.  4The assets held by the Fund are disclosed daily, enabling full transparency of holdings.

Russell Investments Australian Responsible Investment ETF (RARI)

RARI seeks the performance of the Russell Australia ESG High Dividend Index by investing predominantly in Australian shares and trusts listed on the ASX. It is an ETF aimed at giving you exposure to an ESG enhanced, responsible investment portfolio. RARI is RIAA certified.


Why use this in your portfolio?

Invest in what matters without jeopardising returns.

Key benefits of RARI

1Invests in Australian companies that demonstrate positive ESG characteristics* 2Excludes companies that have significant involvement in a range of activities deemed by us to be inconsistent with widely recognised responsible investment considerations ^ 3Includes an income protection feature to ensure the income entitled to existing investors is not diluted by new investors


*The positive ESG characteristics are based off the Russell Investments Material ESG scores. For detailed information on the Material ESG Score refer to the PDS and the Index Construction Methodology available at

^For more information on exclusion criteria refer to the PDS 

Russell Investments Australian Select Corporate Bond ETF (RCB)

RCB provides exposure to a portfolio of high quality Australian corporate bonds. All bonds within the ETF must have a minimum credit rating of A or above from a major rating agency.*

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Why use this in your portfolio?

Targeted exposure to high quality corporate bonds, which otherwise may not be available to smaller investors. Blend with RSM and RGB to customise levels of credit risk and interest rate risk in a portfolio.

Key benefits of RCB

1Access high quality Australian corporate bonds 2Avoids bonds with downside default and liquidity risks 3Provides diversified risk, by ensuring exposure is not biased towards the largest borrowers




*In scenarios where bonds within the ETF are downgraded, bonds below the minimum credit rating may be temporarily held within the ETF for a transition period.

Russell Investments Australian Semi-Government Bond ETF (RSM)

RSM provides exposure to a portfolio of State Government issued bonds with a minimum issuance outstanding of over $1 billion based on face value to ensure sufficient liquidity.

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Why use this in your portfolio?

Targeted exposure to semi government bonds, which otherwise may not be available to smaller investors. Blend with RCB and RGB to customise levels of credit risk and interest rate risk in a portfolio.

Key benefits of RSM

1Access the credit of Australian State Governments 2Provides additional risk diversification 3Regular income, paid quarterly

Russell Investments Australian Government Bond ETF (RGB)

RGB provides exposure to a portfolio of the largest and most liquid Australian Commonwealth Government bonds.

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Why use this in your portfolio?

Targeted exposure to government bonds, which otherwise may not be available to smaller investors. Blend with RSM and RGB to customise levels of credit risk and interest rate risk in a portfolio.

Key benefits of RGB

1Access the highest credit rated bonds in the Australian bond markets 2Defensive exposure, with the lowest level of risk and return compared to our other bond ETFs 3Regular income, paid quarterly



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