Helping each of your employees achieve their great life after work.


A unique approach.

Incorporating a unique personalised investment strategy, goals-based guidance and high-touch employer service, the Russell Investments Master Trust is unlike anything else in the Australian market.

How can we help

With the right partner, your members are more likely to live a great life after work, without the drama and strain on your internal resources. Yet finding the right partner is not easy and a significant decision. We offer a unique experience built around each member’s desired retirement lifestyle.

Member engagement

Easier for your members to engage and make positive choices with an experience tailored to each individual and their personal goals for retirement. Each member can see their personal projected retirement income and importantly, receive guidance to help decide what’s right for them—the lifestyle (and income) they would like to aim for.

Investment outcomes

Superior long-term projected returns with asset allocation optimised to each member, their circumstances, and their retirement income goals. GoalTracker® incorporates a personalised investment option, a first for the Australian superannuation industry.

Employer services

Our flexible, high-touch employer service model is specifically resourced to minimise the burden on you and your organisation. A dedicated highly experienced relationship manager and team, we maintain one of the lowest client-to-relationship manager ratios in the industry.


As one of the largest investment outsourcing organisations in the world*, we have the scale to deliver innovation at a compelling price whilst delivering a personalised solution and without high passive allocations, remaining almost completely actively managed.

* As at 31 March, 2021


Better for your business

We shoulder more of the super burden so you can focus on what matters most.

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High-touch approach

With one of the lowest client-to-relationship-manager ratios in the industry, our high-touch approach focuses on minimising the super burden, so you can focus on what matters most.

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Built around your business

Your business is unique. And our approach is deliberately flexible, with the capability to tailor a super solution to meet your business and employees needs.

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Experienced team

Our highly experienced team has extensive knowledge in all aspects of superannuation and change management including acquisitions, divestitures, defined benefit structures and insurance design.



Introducing GoalTracker®

All the premium member services you expect and one you wouldn’t.
Better for your employees

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Unique goal-based approach

GoalTracker can build a super and investment experience around each individual’s goals and preferences. This simple and personal approach makes it easier for your employees to engage and take positive action to achieving their goals for the future.

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Personalised strategy

By drawing on 10 of your employee’s personal data points, we can optimise their investment strategy to improve the chance of achieving their goal.

This approach is new to the Australian market and is only available within the Russell Investments Master Trust.

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Easier to get on track

By putting your employee’s retirement income goal at the centre, we help them achieve it. Whether it’s guidance on the right level of contributions or prompts to help them get on track, no other super offering joins the dots like GoalTracker, helping more of your employees fund the life they want in retirement.


GoalTracker has been recognised globally for its innovation

For further information about the methodology used by Chant West, see

The research underpinning our approach

Our latest research explores the impact of optimising contributions and investments on more than 8,000 Australians

See GoalTracker in action

See how easy it is for your employees to set a goal and how we build their super around them.

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