A total portfolio investment management solution focused on your for purpose goals.

Helping non-profits achieve their investment goals through investment outsourcing

We help non-profits secure their financial future by delivering strategic advice on asset allocation and governance structure, and then implementing that advice by selecting, monitoring, and managing managers and products designed to meet their return and spending goals. We complement these investment services with administrative support to help their team focus more on their mission, and less on paperwork and reporting.

Lay the right foundations from the start

This is one of five essentials step of an investment program learn more.


Your investment portfolio is only one part of a ‘best practice’ investment program.

Step Two: Governance

The Overlooked Art of Good Governance

What is good governance? And does it really make a difference? As we have learnt from the global financial crisis and the COVID-19 market meltdown, just as quick as markets go up, they can go down.

Step Three: Investment Philosophy

A road map for your investment philosophy

An investment philosophy is similar to a road map: It helps an organisation decide which opportunities to pursue to reach their goals. This set of beliefs and principles guides the decision-making process and enables the development of an appropriate strategic asset allocation.

Step Four: Investment strategy & implementation

It's like building a house.

Investing is like building a house. To construct a new home, you first need to know your strengths—and areas where you need to rely on experts and specialists. The same holds true when it comes to investing and step four of an investment program: populating your portfolio with a diversified mix of strategies across assets, styles, and managers requires dedicated resources and expertise.

Step Five: Ongoing Management

Ongoing management to adapt and stay on track

Step five includes identifying if there are areas of the program that aren’t working and what can be done to get back on track. Once an investment program is setup, it can be easy to fall into a trap of ‘set and forget’. But to have the greatest chance of success, your investment program needs constant attention.

Reviewing your investment program?

The not-for-profit handbook and online guide are designed to provide practical advice, planning tools and best practice information to help achieve a successful investments program

Not for profit
investment handbook

Online not for profit
investment guide

Designed to provide practical advice, planning tools and best practice information, our handbook steps through key areas needed to successfully run an investment program.

Not-For-Profit Investments Handbook

Our handbook steps through key areas needed to successfully run an investment program.

Not-For-Profit Investments Handbook

Supporting Australian non profit organisations

We have been providing investment advice and management services to Australian not for profit organisations for more than 35 years.

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Anglican Funds

Find out how Anglican Funds South Australia stayed true to their investing values without sacrificing robust governance and active management potential.

How we can help

We offer a range of services focused on helping you achieve your mission’s investment goals.


Outsourced CIO (OCIO)

A holistic investment solution, developed in partnership, focused on achieving your goals.

Responsible investing solutions

Forward-thinking responsible investment solutions reflecting what matters most to you.

Frequently asked questions

How does Russell Investments support Australian non-profit organisations?
Russell Investments delivers expert guidance in developing a tailored investment strategy for NFP goals
How can NFP organisations align their investment portfolio with their values?
Not-for-profit organizations can ensure that their financial resources are directed toward investments that reflect their mission and contribute to a more sustainable and responsible future. There are many strategies that can be implemented across your portfolio to achieve this. Please visit our responsible investing solutions for more information


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