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Accessing the private capital markets

Private asset strategies can help you achieve your investment objectives with unique benefits not commonly available in public asset classes.

Our commingled solutions help drive performance and diversification benefits to support investors' total portfolio objectives. For over 50 years, we have successfully integrated private asset funds into some of the world's largest institutional investor portfolios.

From helping pension plans close funding gaps to developing new products for banks, financial advisors and their underlying clients, we continue to create tailored solutions to help clients achieve their goals.

Private investment asset class solutions

Private Markets Survey

How are managers tackling value creation in a challenging and uncertain market environment?

In late 2022 we surveyed 32 firms, representing $1.6 trillion in total assets, from across the universe of private markets strategies on key investment themes and where they are finding the greatest opportunities and risks.

Why choose Russell Investments for private assets?

A trusted adviser

We work with clients to capture a deep understanding of their frameworks and processes to support confident decision-making. Our strong governance culture and fiduciary mindset deliver solutions to address our client's needs and reduce the resource burden for their board and internal teams.

A-Z private markets access 

Access a wide range of market opportunities including through primaries, secondaries and co-investment vehicles. We conduct detailed research to identify niche exposures within strategies like venture capital, growth and buyouts. This helps to offset fees, accelerate returns and provide additional diversification benefits.

Our private markets products are for Eligible Counterparties only.

Open architecture design

When investing in private market solutions, active management and management selection are essential. Our portfolios are designed to deliver differentiated returns and minimise downside risk, by sourcing managers with a unique strategy. As your portfolio needs change through time, we support you with the right response through commingled or fund-to-one.


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Hamilton Lane strategic partnership

Russell Investments is proud to partner with Hamilton Lane. Hamilton Lane is a specialist global private markets provider with over 30 years of experience and $805 billion in assets under management. This provides us with preferential access to their industry-leading private markets investment solutions, data-driven research and innovative technology tools. Hamilton Lane provides a large database of investment opportunities, with over $15 trillion in private markets investments monitored.

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