Occupational ratings

Occupational ratings are sometimes used to work out the cost of your insurance cover to reflect the different level of risks involved in different types of work.


How does an occupational rating work?

If an occupational rating applies to your insurance cover, the type of work you do will determine that rating. The occupational rating is the classification that an insurer applies to the nature of your job, involving different levels of risk for different types of work. Usually, the riskier your job (i.e. the chance that you could get injured performing your duties), the more you will pay for your insurance cover (i.e. your insurance fees).

You will usually be assigned a ‘default’ occupational rating when you join a super fund and, if necessary, you will need to apply to have your rating assessed. For those in lower-risk occupations, the result could mean you’ll be charged lower insurance fees or receive a higher insured benefit for no extra cost.

As your work circumstances change, such as getting a promotion or a new role with different duties, you should check to see if there is any impact on your occupational rating.

For details on the occupational categories relevant to you, refer to your Insurance, Fees and Costs Guide available in your online account.


What’s your occupational rating?

Occupational ratings change from insurer to insurer and may not apply to your type of cover at all.

  • To find out your own occupational rating, log in to your online account and check the ‘Occupational category’ section of the Insurance Request Form, available from the Resources section.

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