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Setting a goal is a great way to turn your dreams into reality. It makes you think about what you want to achieve, how and when you want to achieve it, and most of all it's a great motivator to do better. Why not apply goal setting to your super as well?

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It’s the first step

Whether you’ve just started out in the workforce or you’re nearing retirement, the choices you make now can make a big difference to your future. After all, your super is designed to help fund your lifestyle in retirement. But how do you know if your super is on track to pay for your lifestyle in retirement?

Setting a goal is the first step to visualising what lifestyle you want to live in retirement and if you’re on track to achieve it.


Long-term vision, short-term motivation

We all know that goals can change the way we live, eat and even manage our day-to-day finances. There are apps to track our steps, our sleep and our spending. So, why are goals so effective?

#1 Purpose

Setting goals is an effective way to give us direction and something to aim for. It keeps us focused and provides clarity on what’s important.

#2 Motivation

Having goals can make us feel motivated to stay focused on what we need to achieve to take control of our future.

#3 Satisfaction

Personal satisfaction that the goal has been achieved!

The good news is you can apply this know-how to your super.

With our latest award-winning innovation GoalTracker™, you can easily and painlessly set a goal for your future. And the best part? Once you’ve set your goal, we build your super around you to help you achieve it. 


How you can set a meaningful goal for your super with GoalTracker

#1 Get a clearer picture of your future

By telling us more about yourself, we will show you the annual income you’re currently heading for in retirement.

#2 Set a goal

Through a mixture of images and words, you tell us whether you expect to cover the basics, live comfortably or be aspirational across a range of lifestyle categories. We then turn your choices into a meaningful, tangible annual income goal for retirement.

#3 Track your progress

You can check how you’re tracking to your goal at any time, helping to keep you motivated and take positive action towards your future.

Along the way you’ll receive suggestions to get and keep your super on track. And if you want to speak with an expert, one-to-one guidance is there when you need it.

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