Sort your super online

Ever thought that super takes up too much time and means lots of paperwork? not anymore, because it's easier than ever to sort out and grow your super-via your online account or the Super Tracker App.


Seven great reasons to go online


Combine your super

Combining your super could be a smart move, because it cuts out the need to pay multiple sets of super fees.

Before you combine your super, you should compare the fees you pay for each of your accounts and find out about any entitlements or insurance cover that might stop when you close your other super account/s.


Set a goal

Through GoalTracker®, we can help you set and achieve your goals for the future.

By telling us more about yourself and what lifestyle you want to live in retirement, we show you how much money you need to fund your desired lifestyle and if you’re on track to achieve it.


Tick off your To Do List

We use what we know about you to create and update your personalised online To Do List in real time.

Your list will guide you through a handful of simple actions to take today that can make a huge difference to your life after work. Once you’ve completed an action, we’ll just tick it off!


Review your strategy…

Another way to grow your super is through your investment strategy—one that takes your age, investment needs, appetite for risk and retirement goals into account.

You can choose from more than 20 investment options in five categories—diversified, sector, outcome-oriented, responsible and third-party.

And if it sounds like too much hard work or you simply don’t have the time, activate GoalTracker® Plus and leave it all to us.


…and make a nomination

Who will get your super money after you’re gone?

Make sure the ones you love have financial security, by nominating who will receive your super benefit—via a beneficiary nomination.

Already nominated a beneficiary? Make sure that your nomination is up to date and still reflects your wishes.


Keep in touch…

The more options we have to contact you, the better informed you’ll be about your super.

If we’re missing your current mailing address, phone numbers or email address, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on important communications from us. Update your contact details online to make sure you’re staying in touch, informed and in control.


…and go paperless

If we have your email address, we’ll use it to get in touch with you—for communications such as important notices about your account, your annual statement, information on optimising your super, market commentary and newsletters.

When you update your personal details, be sure to give us your email address.


Ready, set, go… online

If you’ve already registered for online access, but haven’t looked at your account in a while, simply log in.

You’ll need your member number and password handy. Can’t remember your password? Re-set it via the ‘Forgotten your PIN/password?’ link on the log in page. Can’t remember your member number? Call us on 1800 555 667.

Registering for the first time?

If you’ve never gone online to check out your super account, now’s the time. You’ll need your member number and to confirm some details. Not sure what it is? Call us on 1800 555 667.


A To Do List for super

As much as we try to have everything under control, it's natural to let some things slide. It's easy to miss a bill deadline, wait until your car starts to make a strange ticking noise before you book a service or overlook your super. That's where our award-winning1 To Do List can help.

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Created for you

We use what we know about you to create and update your personalised online To Do List in real time.

Your list will guide you through a handful of simple actions to take today that can make a huge difference to your future retirement lifestyle.

Once you’ve completed an action, just tick it off. You’re on your way!

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Make it happen

In your online account, you can find out:

  • how much you’ll need to achieve your desired lifestyle
  • whether your super is on track to reach that goal and
  • some simple strategies to make it happen.

Your To Do List will update each time you enter more details, making sure it’s always relevant for your circumstances.

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It only takes a few minutes

Your To Do List helps you understand what you should focus on now and what you can leave for later.

We also know your time is precious, so most of the items on the list can be completed with a click or two. The rest is up to us.

No waffle, no essays—and no need to become an expert in super to effectively manage yours.

Seven in 10 of your fellow members have already ticked one or more items off their To Do List. If you’re one of them, great work! Check your list again to see what’s new since you last logged in. And if you haven’t made a start yet, why not give it a try today via your online account.


Have you checked out the Super Tracker App?

Most of us track our steps, sleep, spending or calories, and now it’s just as easy to track your super savings. Super Tracker delivers much more than just your balance or latest investment returns and is designed to bring GoalTracker to life for you. It’s personalised super, built around you.

Key features

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View your super summary and key account details on one screen


Lifestyle selector

Set a lifestyle goal for your retirement


Personalised tracker

Always know how you’re tracking to your goal

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Simulate actions

See how making extra contributions can help

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GoalTracker Plus

Personalise your investment strategy

Download Super Tracker Today

It’s easy to get started in just three steps!

1. You’ll need to be registered for online access, so you can use your details to log in to the app. If you’re not already registered for online access, it only takes a couple of minutes. You’ll just need your member number and to confirm some details.

2. Download the Super Tracker app.

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3. Log in to Super Tracker, using your username and password.

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