Regular income in retirement

A simple and tax-effective way to receive an income using your super savings once you have retired, a regular income stream can last as long as your super. Plus, the money you’re not accessing stays invested and continues to earn returns.


Funding your life after work

If you have reached your preservation age and are no longer working, you can access your super in the form of a lump sum or a regular income. This means you can either spend it all in one go on something you’ve long been wanting to do, or you can invest some or all of it to pay yourself an income in retirement.

When looking for an income in retirement, some turn to annuities1 while others can rely on their defined benefit pensions2, but there is a third option in the form of a regular income stream. Also known as an account-based pension or an allocated pension, it gives you a regular, flexible and tax-effective income from your super.

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If you're between age 55 and 59, the taxable part of your pension is taxed at your marginal tax rate, and once you turn age 60, you don't pay tax on pension payments.

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You can choose a payment arrangement (within relevant minimum or maximum limits) and if eligible, you can use your account-based pension payments to top up your Age Pension.

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You can choose how your money is invested. While any investment earnings will depend on market performance, what you do earn (including capital gains) is generally tax-free.


When can you access your super?

Make your super truly yours under these conditions:

  • when you turn 65 (even if you haven’t retired)
  • when you reach preservation age and permanently retire
  • when you turn 60 and leave your employer
  • under the transition to retirement rules, when you reach preservation age and continue to work.


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Get expert advice

If you’re wondering how to structure a regular income stream to suit your personal circumstances, you can rely on our advice offer to get some guidance.

Interested in a regular income stream?

iQ Retirement can easily help you set up a regular income from your super.

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iQ Retirement offers you a flexible way to make the most of your money during your retirement.

It offers you a contribution account so you can roll your other super into your account to fund your pension, and a pension account to pay you a regular income.


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1 Also known as a lifetime or fixed-term pension, an annuity will give you a guaranteed income for a number of years. Or the rest of your life. Source:

2 A super fund where your retirement benefits are calculated by a predetermined formula. Retirement benefits are usually calculated using your average salary over the last few years before you retire and the number of years you worked in the company or public service. Source: