Russell Investments Diversified Monthly Income


To provide income and long-term capital growth primarily through exposure to Canadian and foreign equity securities and, to a lesser extent, exposure to fixed-income investments by investing primarily in other mutual funds, and to pay a monthly distribution (which will at times include a return of capital) to investors.


As of 2021-12-31
Updated monthly

Fund Characteristics
Total Assets (All Series) $0.00 million
Net Asset Value (Series F) $0.00

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As of 2021-11-30

Updated monthly

Company Weight
Russell Investments Fixed Income Pool Series O 27.64%
Russell Investments Global Equity Pool Series O 10.92%
Russell Investments Canadian Dividend Pool Series O 10.78%
Russell Investments Global Unconstrained Bond Pool Series O 7.11%
Russell Investments US Equity Pool Series O 6.94%
Russell Investments Overseas Equity Pool Series O 6.88%
Russell Investments Yield Opportunities Pool Series O 5.03%
Russell Investments Global Real Estate Pool Series O 4.95%
Russell Investments Global Infrastructure Pool Series O 4.93%
Russell Investments Global Credit Pool Series O 3.03%


As of 2021-12-31
NameAllocation %colorStyle
Fixed Income Pool30#66aadd
Canadian Dividend Pool13#5c5c5c
Global Equity Pool11#005596
US Equity Pool9#dd6600
Overseas Equity Pool7#9e9e9e
Global Credit Pool5#ccccbb
Global Unconstrained Bond Pool5#000000
Yield Opportunities Pool5#d9d6c6
Global Infrastructure Pool4#996633
Global Real Estate Pool4#0068a6
Emerging Markets Equity Pool3#7c3a00
Global Smaller Companies Pool3#c24825
Russell Investment Positioning Stratergies1#856885

Sector weightings

As of 2021-11-30

Updated monthly

Sector Weighting
Federal 3.23%
Provincial/Municipal 10.79%
Corporate 9.84%
Foreign 61.84%
Other 14.31%

*These are the holdings of the underlying Russell Investments Pools. The Fund is exposed to these holdings as a result of investing substantially all of its assets in the units of the Russell Investments Pools. A portion of the cash held in the underlying funds is securitized. The listing of holdings provides information on a fund's investments as of the date indicated and may differ from its annual financial statements. 

Series Load Fund Code Currency
Series Front Load FRC 550 CAD
Series B5 Low Load FRC 862 CAD
Series B7 Front Load FRC 701 CAD
Series B7 Low Load FRC 779 CAD
Series F5 No Load FRC 555 CAD
Series F7 No Load FRC 777 CAD
Series O No Load FRC 704 CAD
Series O No Load FRC 804 CAD