Fixed Income Survey

2020 Update

In the latest Fixed Income Survey, we ask: are markets sailing to the U.S. Federal Reserve’s rendition of steady as she goes?

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Q3 2019 UPDATE

Is a change in market dynamics afoot?

In the latest fixed income survey, we explore whether markets are on the same page as the Fed in regard to its mid-cycle adjustment approach.

Q3 2019 Findings

Q2 2019 update

Who'll act first – the Fed or markets?

Our latest survey of global fixed income investment firms reveals conflicting viewpoints between interest-rate managers and credit managers on growth expectations and risk assets.

Q2 2019 Update

What is the Fixed Income Survey?

Throughout the year we ask leading bond and currency managers to consider valuations, expectations and outlooks for the coming months. It is our distinct relationship with underlying managers that earns us this unique access to insights.

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Adam Smears

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Our distinct relationship with underlying managers gives us unique access to insights from specialists across the manager universe. As economic growth cools and the stock-market bubble threatens to burst, keeping a close watch on the views of specialist managers has never mattered more.

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