Fixed Income Survey


在本次最新调查中,59 位全球领先的债券和货币基金管理人就未来几个月的估值、预期和前景做了探讨。

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Fixed Income Survey

2022 年第二季度固收管理人报告:主要央行转为鹰派

在本次最新调查中,59 位领先的债券和货币基金管理人就未来几个月的估值、预期和前景做了探讨。

Q2 2022 Update

2022 年第一季度固收管理人报告



Q1 2021 Update

What is the Fixed Income Survey?

Throughout the year we ask leading bond and currency managers to consider valuations, expectations and outlooks for the coming months. It is our distinct relationship with underlying managers that earns us this unique access to insights.

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