Mihir Tirodkar

Climate change and investment portfolios Part II:

May 2021
The first piece in our series on climate change and investment portfolios focused on the measurement of a company’s carbon exposure. In this paper we turn to actionable carbon management strategies available for investors. We look at carbon management strategies and identify four ways investors can address the carbon exposure of their equity portfolios.

May 2021

Climate change and investment portfolios part I: What are carbon metrics?

February 2021
At the end of 2020, we provided an overview of the decarbonisation research and implementation we have been conducting for our global clients. We are pleased to be able to extend this research in a new paper, in which we provide more information on exactly what carbon exposures are and how they are measured within the global investment management industry. Global markets are already moving towards standardised taxonomy and reporting processes, and we explore this in this research paper. We will also explain the difference between greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fossil fuel reserves, and how investors can calculate their portfolio’s exposure to each. We also discuss data providers and best practice for reporting on portfolio exposures. This research paper forms the key next step for investors that are moving toward measuring and implementing decarbonisation strategies in their portfolios.