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Equity Manager Report

Is the tech-fueled rebound in equity markets beginning to expand to other sectors? While there are some signs of a broadening in the recovery that began at the end of March, the market rebound continues to be primarily driven by stocks benefiting the most from trends toward digitization and e-commerce—shifts that have been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic.

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We assess the outlook across the fixed-income landscape by surveying bond and currency managers throughout the year.

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Are you prepared for the next downside market swing? How do you get downside protection? This content collection can help with your investment risk management, share how we've been managing downside risk in our portfolios, and equip you with important truths to hold onto during unavoidable market volatility.

Downside Management Toolkit

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Are you interested in ESG and responsible investing? Understand more about how asset managers are integrating ESG considerations in their portfolios with our ESG survey.

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