Our top 10 favourite blog posts of 2019

Trade tensions boiled, then simmered. Brexit waxed and waned. The yield curve inverted and un-inverted. Global banks paused, then turned dovish. Markets sold off at the beginning, and surged to new records near the end. And the Russell Investments Blog covered it all: the highs, lows and in-betweens of the investment world in 2019, served with a healthy dose of the in-depth analysis and data-driven insights we hope you’ve come to expect.

As the year winds to a close, take a look back with us at our top ten favourite blog posts of the year - the thought leadership pieces that sparked the highest levels of engagement among our readers.

Investing in today’s markets without a crystal ball

While we can’t offer up a crystal ball to look into the future of markets, we do believe there are some specific ways to potentially help investors navigate today’s murky waters.

The benefits of Fiduciary Management and ESG Integration

We discuss how the intersection of ESG and FM can provide trustees with specialised strategies to identify issues driven by risk mitigation, provide return maximisation and comply with regulatory changes and individual beliefs.

Evolving advisers don’t fear change. They embrace it.

Nearly every aspect of the advisory industry is undergoing some form of transformation today, Head of Business Solutions Sophie Gilbert explains why this is an opportunity for those advisers who are committed to continuously evolving their approach.


UK elections: Conservatives win big, Brexit will happen – what kind of Brexit is still unclear

While the election outcome was quickly reflected in the pound exchange rate, the direction from here depends on what kind of relationship Boris Johnson really (really) wants to have with the EU. Find out more from our currency expert Van Luu.

Year-end Fixed Income Survey 2019 - Key findings

We ask leading bond and currency managers quarterly to consider valuations, expectations and outlooks for the coming months. In the latest Fixed Income Survey, we explore a range of themes and ask the question: "Are markets on the same page as the Fed on its mid-cycle adjustment approach?"

From black to blue: Moving the climate focus beyond carbon and on to water

There is more to the “E” in ESG than carbon. In our latest research we move the climate conversation from carbon onto water and look at water-stress exposure in an investment portfolio.

Structural changes in Japan: Corporate governance

In this two-part blog, we put the spotlight on the structural changes in Japan that are coming to the fore and having real impact. We highlight the need-to-know aspects of the instrumental political, regulatory and investor-led reform taking place and explain how these are carving out multiple opportunities for investors within this space.

Five key questions organisations should ask when choosing a Fiduciary Management provider.

We’ve identified five key questions that we believe trustees should ask when looking to adopt Fiduciary Management, or already have one such arrangement in place.

Private market strategies, part 1: More than meets the eye?

Fueled by a global need to fund long-term obligations, the demand for private market strategies is projected to grow. But are investors considering the full opportunity set? In the first in a series of posts addressing the mechanics and outlook for key private market strategies, our private markets team discusses foundational principles relevant for new and existing investors across the board.

Why ESG matters to investors and investing

We believe that embedding ESG factors into an investing strategy can accomplish dual mandates of delivering value and aligning with investor values. Here's why.