The integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into investment decisions has long been the subject of focus and debate. This year continues the trend as ESG discourse evolves around the world.

2023 has seen the strengthening of reporting requirements in Europe, Canada, and Australia and the rise of a more contentious debate in the United States. For active managers, key challenges include the availability of data, the lack of standardised reporting for corporates, and meeting diverse client needs.

Globally, investors have grappled with these challenges amidst weaker economic and business performance. Nevertheless, the number of managers reporting that ESG considerations don't affect their investment decisions has continued to fall, while commitments to responsible investing reporting frameworks and initiatives have continued to rise. Our research suggests that ESG has firmly established itself as a lasting force in the investment landscape.

Russell Investments' 2023 Manager ESG Survey offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of ESG practices within the investment management industry. With 169 respondents representing a diverse range of asset classes and global perspectives, this survey highlights key trends and findings shaping the industry's commitment to ESG integration, net zero initiatives, diversity efforts, and more.