This Thanksgiving, we're thankful for you.

There are so many things we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving that we’re going to have to break our own rules.

And publish a thank-you note on the blog.

So yes, this is an atypical post, out of sync with the usual thought leadership and insightful commentary we hope you’ve come to expect from the Russell Investments Blog.

But it’s only fitting during this week to pause and express our gratitude to everyone who’s helped transform our online thought leadership into the industry-leading voice that it is today.

So, without further ado…

We’re immensely thankful to you, our loyal readers, clients and prospects. Your continued trust in our work and confidence in our abilities inspires us to dig deeper every day.

We’re thankful to work at a firm that values intellectual curiosity and deep research. This provides exceptional value for our clients, and makes our jobs as content marketers that much more enjoyable.

We’re thankful for our extensive team of subject matter experts—which consists of a remarkable 83 individuals we published over the past year. Collectively, these bright minds helped us win awards like the 2019 MMI/Barron’s Industry Award in the thought leadership/education category for our Value of an Advisor Study.

We’re thankful to Adam Goff and Erik Ristuben, who help guide our content strategy and give us access to our Investment Division. Erik, a special shout out to you for your remarkable ability to break down complex issues into easy-to-understand content. This is a key factor behind the success of Russell Investments’ thought leadership. The ongoing insight from Adam and Erik helps drive our content strategy and informs the content for a large number of our pieces.

We’re thankful for our investment research effort, guided by Leola Ross. The team’s willingness to share their unique insights on manager research, including on hot-button topics such as ESG and active management, spurs the development of some of our most in-depth blog posts.

We’re thankful to our Market Week in Review team, which delivers timely market commentary every Friday, 50 weeks a year, in the form of a video, a blog post and a podcast. This is a remarkable accomplishment made possible only by intense levels of cooperation and rock-solid insight.

We’re thankful for our Rapid Response group, most often steered by Paul Eitelman. This group continuously provides near-instant analysis of major market and geopolitical events, as well as notable developments in both monetary and fiscal policy.

We’re thankful to our Chief Marketing Officer, Toby Hoden. Toby, thanks for considering thought leadership a key strategic initiative. We agree with you.

We’re thankful for firm leaders like Mark Spina, who constantly encourage us to go above and beyond in enriching the content experience. Thanks to their vision, we’re able to produce in-depth, advisor-focused podcasts on a monthly basis. And Sophie Antal Gilbert, the podcast wouldn’t exist without your talent.

We’re thankful for the incredible cooperation and collaboration among our client-facing teams. These teams have exponentially broadened the reach of our content over the years, helping to further solidify Russell Investments’ reputation as a thought leader for institutional investors and advisors alike.

We’re thankful for the content tentpoles we’ve built here, which continue to harness the intellectual prowess of the firm. These include the:

  • $20 billion club report on the pension liabilities of the largest U.S. defined-benefit plan sponsors, led by Justin Owens
  • Global Market Outlook, our true cornerstone of thought leadership content, led by Andrew Pease and the rest of the remarkable team of strategists
  • Equity Manager Report, led by Gabriel Sauma
  • Fixed Income Survey, led by Adam Smears

But that’s just a tiny sample of those who deserve credit. Because this really is a firm of intense intellectual prowess. As proof, we’re listing the names of every individual who has authored a blog post or contributed to a podcast or video in the past year, with our gratitude. We recognize that, in doing so, we’re also omitting countless other individuals who have helped out behind the scenes. We thank you in advance for your forgiveness.

  • Chris Adolph
  • Travis Bagley
  • Rob Balkema
  • Keith Brakebill
  • Brian Causey
  • Cory Christiana
  • Rob Cittadini
  • Peter Corippo
  • Julia Cormier
  • Alex Cousley
  • Brett Deits
  • Kevin Divney
  • Ryan Dooyema
  • Tina Downing
  • Patrick Egan
  • Mark Eibel
  • Paul Eitelman
  • Adam Field
  • Oliver Field
  • Tom Fletcher
  • Tom Flynn
  • Mike Gagala
  • Sophie Antal Gilbert
  • Adam Goff
  • Pete Gunning
  • Makiko Hakozaki
  • Michael Hall
  • Tim Halverson
  • Scott Hamill
  • Leigh Hazelton
  • Linda Hitchcock
  • Daniel Hodo
  • Katherine Husvaeg
  • Marshall Jones
  • Brad Jung
  • Kendra Kaake
  • Martin Kessler
  • Steve Kirschner
  • Kevin Knowles
  • Rob Kuharic
  • Vic Leverett
  • Lynette Lewis
  • Van Luu
  • Yoshi Maeda
  • Cara McGinnis
  • Joe McNally
  • Wade Millen
  • Natalie Miller
  • Brian Mock
  • Steve Murray
  • Kara Ng
  • William O'Malley
  • Justin Owens
  • Frank Pape
  • Andrew Pease
  • Ryan Pogodzinski
  • Alexander Prowse
  • David Rae
  • Erik Ristuben
  • Abraham Robison
  • Martin Roche
  • Leola Ross
  • Karl Sahlin
  • Gabriel Sauma
  • Johann Schneider
  • Lisa Schneider
  • Adam Smears
  • Mike Smith
  • Darren Spencer
  • Mark Spina
  • Samantha Steele
  • Emily Steinbarth
  • Michael Steingold
  • Brandy Swift
  • Puneet Thiara
  • Eric Tollefson
  • Ly Tran
  • Kevin Turner
  • Holly Verdeyen
  • David Vickers
  • Robert Wilson
  • Brian Yadao
  • Nick Zylkowski

Happy Thanksgiving.

Tom Llewellyn, Justin Shaw, Conrad Piper-Ruth and Jade Dakota