Second edition

Since we first published this handbook in 2014, defined contribution (DC) retirement plans have continued to grow in usage, and the dynamics of the system have changed rapidly in response to legislation, litigation and increased understanding of plan participants' needs and behaviors.

This handbook is designed to help you better understand today’s DC market and prevailing best practices as you build a plan to help meet participants’ retirement income needs within the context of meeting your fiduciary obligations. 

The challenges of managing a DC plan continue to become more complex, and as such, we’ve updated this second edition to address key considerations, such as:

1. The evolution of QDIAs from one-size-fits-all to more customized approaches
2. Ways to help participants achieve better retirement outcomes
3. Methods to address retirement plan leakage
4. Best practices in participant communications

We hope you find these updates useful, topical, and informative, and that the handbook continues to be a valuable resource for everyone involved in overseeing DC plans.