Emily Steinbarth

Quantitative Analyst

SMA design in the presence of taxes

June 2021
This whitepaper explores the tax management of separately managed accounts (SMAs) by looking at: (1) real active managers' portfolios; and (2) using an SMA-style investment vehicle rather than a mutual fund.

Responsible investing: Moving the climate focus beyond carbon and on to water.

June 2019
The impact of water-related risks on communities is potentially catastrophic, given water’s place as a critical input to all facets of life. It is this that makes risks related to water multi-dimensional. Furthermore, not only do we need to know how much water is used (i.e. volume), but we also need to plot that against where the unit of water is used (location).

Decarbonization 2.0

June 2019
Enhancing our original decarbonization strategy with three additional sustainable investing insights, as these continue to develop and evolve.

Materiality matters: An overview

March 2018
We have developed an ESG scoring methodology reflecting the materiality of the issues specific to a company and their profitability.