Emily Steinbarth

Quantitative Analyst

Non-profit Newsletter (Focus) - Edition 2, 2018

May 2018
The 2nd edition of the 2018 Non-profit newsletter features a special guest: Donald Summers, founder of Altruist Partners, who sheds light on how non-profits can enhance their performance, Mike Auger recounts a success story of a large health system reducing complexity after facing a wave of consolidation activity, and two of Russell Investment thought leaders discuss why materiality matters in responsible investing.

March 2018
Russell Investments has developed a new way to measure a company’s ESG score. The new material scores evaluates only those issues that are financially important to a company.

Decarbonization 2.0: Russell Investments’ sustainable investing solution for the energy transition

March 2017
Enhancing our original decarbonization strategy with three additional sustainable investing insights, as these continue to develop and evolve.
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