Russell Investments Canada launches simple, yet sophisticated balanced solution for Canadian financial advisors and investors

Active multi-manager portfolio combines the firm’s flagship Global Equity and Fixed Income pools

Toronto, April 8, 2024 — Russell Investments Canada Limited (Russell Investments) today launched a balanced portfolio with a strategic allocation to two flagship underlying funds: Russell Investments Global Equity Pool at 60% and Russell Investments Fixed Income Pool at 40%. Designed for investors with a low-to-medium risk tolerance, the new Russell Investments Global Balanced mandate aims to provide enhanced diversification and improved risk management in one solution at a competitive cost.

“This sophistication-made-simple portfolio for Canadian investors offers stability and steady income potential from fixed income strategically balanced with growth potential from global equities,” said Jordan McCall, Director, Senior Portfolio Manager, Equity at Russell Investments. “Amid conflicting market signals and shifting global investment opportunities, our global balanced solution actively harnesses multi-style diversification based on a proven multi-manager approach.”

The two time-tested pools underlying Russell Investments Global Balanced each have a track record of more than 23 years, delivering strong risk-adjusted returns to Canadian investors. The new portfolio features eight institutional asset managers with specific assignments to provide an allocation to multiple fixed income sectors and complementary global equity investment strategies:

  • Russell Investments Global Equity Pool provides diversified exposure to global equities through the following sub-advisers: Intermede Investment Partners Limited/Intermede Global Partners, Sanders Capital, Wellington Management Canada, and Russell Investments.
  • Russell Investments Fixed Income Pool provides the potential for stable cash flow and income, with exposure to the following sub-advisers with complementary investing styles: Beutel, Goodman & Company, Canso Investment Counsel, Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel, Western Asset Management and Russell Investments.

McCall, who joined Russell Investments in 2006, will manage the new portfolio including the mix of external manager assignments.

“By blending equities and bonds, which have historically exhibited low correlations, into a single solution, we’re looking to achieve strong returns with less volatility to help investors meet their goals,” said McCall. “We’ve combined our sophisticated investment capabilities in these asset classes to deliver a simple, yet unique portfolio with a very competitive cost.”

More information on Russell Investments Global Balanced is available here.

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