To help fiduciaries understand the ways an OCIO is a strategic and essential partner in meeting the demands of a changing and challenging environment, the information below was created concurrently with the P&I conference: The Evolution of OCIO.

Video: What to consider in an OCIO provider

With the tremendous growth in the number and types of OCIO providers available to institutions, Pensions & Investments Chief Operating Officer Nikki Pirrello interviewed Russell Investments Managing Director, Head of Client Solutions, Lisa Schneider, and asked:

  • As investors evaluate which provider or model is right for them, what are the key factors they should consider?
  • What does the future hold for OCIO, and how are asset owners' needs changing?

Take a deeper dive into key OCIO topics in the P&I supplement:

  • OCIO providers are receiving expanding mandates with intensive risk management that includes complex asset allocations with private assets and alternatives
  • How different organizations, even large DB plans, are looking to OCIO providers
  • The advantage an OCIO provider brings with asset allocation and opportunistic and tactical moves to navigate through market challenges.
  • OCIOs are intensifying a multi-angled lens on risk, including a heightened focus on ESG issues.
  • OCIO relationships evolve and can deliver different services to different clients.

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